Ahauka (My Self-MOC)

Here’s my latest creation, Ahauka! I’m not completely sure what qualifies as a Self-MOC, but I consider this mine. Ahauka holds a simple blade and an elemental shooter.

I wanted to use a colour scheme that I hadn’t seen before, so I integrated dark azure and trans-bright green in the MOC, which I feel creates a really interesting and unique model.

While quite basic for now, I hope to improve this MOC over time as I get a larger selection of pieces, so one day I can make the ULTIMATE MOC!!

As always, constructive criticism is welcome :wink:

##For more images, click here.


The shoulders are a bit gappy, but other than that, coolio. [quote=“Daniel, post:1, topic:21864”]
I’m not completely sure what qualifies as a Self-MOC

pretty much anything that you want. in theory it represents you.

looks pretty cool, nice colors :smile:

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You look pretty smug in that first pic…

The textures don’t really work here. It’s also a tad bit gappy.

Great color combination.

that’s not a color scheme I see often, looks nice

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The knees and shoulders a bit gappy, but otherwise looks pretty cool! I’m not sure how I feel about the green and blue, but I’m not totally adverse to it!

The chest seems a bit bulky compared to the rest of the MOC.
Also, the use of 2 different transparent colors.
I can let the neon green slide, but not the light blue.

A MOC that is basically you as you would want to be as a BIONICLE.

That first pic makes him look pretty impressive. Would like it if the legs matched the motif on the arms and torso more.

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Yes i love it.

I stroke my “beard” as I think about how interesting the colorscheme is.

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I am simply in love with this color scheme. Nice work, although, as others have said, the shoulders are a little awkward.

The MOC looks really well done, but the legs could use some more trans-green.

This is a really nice MOC! The dark azure and green work very well with the gunmetal and silver, and there are lots of solid points to the build. I like seeing a MOC that can go with the sets.

I like the colour scheme.