Pronounced Ar’yan, this is a being of unmatched strength… He towers above other heroes and villains, and could crush them all with his mighty arms. Not to be mistaken for a simple minded giant, Ahr’Yan could both outsmart and flatten you. His simple colors are a reflection of his age, being the only one of his species remaining…

Sorry for the dark photos :confused:
Tell me what you think…


Not very keen on his feet, everything else seems fine though.

Looks pretty good! I wish the eye was a bit better though.

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Unmatched strength? 1v1 my selfmoc nub

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Bring it scrub

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Looks pretty good! Although I have a few issues.

Firstly is the feet, they look really unstable. The Nuva chests are fine as the shape, but maybe find a way to ensure he’s standing flat on something other than a ball joint.

Second is his color. The gunmetal is fine, but it’s extremely bland. It may be a reflection of his age, but I think including a few pieces of a Metru color could hint that he once was a vibrant being but as he aged his colors faded away, or rusted over. Something like that. Seems better than just pure gunmetal everywhere.

But he looks cool!

Also, Ghar wants in on that fight. Mask of Strength shall rek!

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I like the concept behind this MOC a lot… but for the MOC itself… meeh… I still looks cool don’t get me wrong but… it looks so… boring. :confused:

Looks very cool!

very nice looking


I love it, but I agree with @PakariNation99 that it could use some Metru colors.