Ahsanka the Vortixx

A mysterious Vortixx who appeared on Stelt one day and vanished without a trace several months later. She seemed to have trouble with the Xian government which might explain her sudden disappearance, but where she came from still remains a mystery, as no one seems to have known her from before her time on Stelt

Mouth works really well but unfortunately uses a piece that only comes in grey:

Some size comparisons:

Roodaka (actually they’re pretty much the same size, Roodaka only has highheels):

Roodaka and 'nika guy (as I like to call him) - I actually totally forgot how tall Roodaka was as a set until I built her up again for these pics:

With Kindrix:

WIth Krika:

Well, that’s it. Lengthy backstory this time got so long that I posted it seperately :grin: (linked above). Overall I really like how this turned out, even if the dark grey parts kinda stick out - they only come in dark grey, though…

C&C welcome


I really like this moc. The color scheme is good, the build is awesome, but I just can’t ignore the fact that she looks soooooooooo much like a Roodaka reboot! I just can’t ignore it!!! 9,5/10

And also

Xia. She came from Xia.


I really like it! I personally don’t think the gray mouth sticks out, one because gray kind of goes with everything, two the silver kind of makes it better, three there’s a gray pin in her chest plate that helps. The cape and the hair give here a cool personality, even if the hair has green studs that are a little weird. But my favorite part is the staff. Okay, maybe the cape, but that staff is AWESOME! I’m a huge fan of this moc! I wish it was a set so I could get it


Are you sure? Have you read the lengthy backstory I linked? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yay! Sewings skills! Thanks man!

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Nnnnnooooooo… Should I? I mean, the Vortixx(s) are native to Xia.

Well… That doesn’t mean they can’t come from somewhere else…


The arms are a bit too long and thin. Other than that I think you did a good job.

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Sure, they are, but who says this actually is a Vortixx? I mean, the trident is a hint for everyone who’s already seen it and the shortstory explains everything else :wink:

Yeah, wasn’t really motivated to build custom arms to be honest - especially since they probably would’ve turned out far too bulky for a Vortixx. Since I really don’t like using non-custom limbs for MOCs this size I settled for this in the end.
Originally they were supposed to be one unit shorter but adding armor to the lower arms required an additional unit of length. But then I guess this is still a somewhat normal length for Bionicle characters.


I’m pretty sure the name of the topic is what gives it away… :laughing:

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I thought I recognized that trident. Now I just need to read that story, though I think I know where this is going…

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Imo legs are a bit too long. Mayb it’s just me

A great MOC with some nice, clean techniques, though I feel it suffers from some off looking proportions. I would suggest reducing the lengths of the lower arms and lower torso.


Really nice moc! Looks a lot like Roodahka but still different enough.
(also mods, I deleted my first post so hopefully it doesn’t count as double posting.)

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I’ve never seen a vahki put to such effective use


Sooo… basically cooler rodaka