Aimless - A Literary Attempt by Cordak

Using Google Docs since it doesn’t erase my precious italics when bringing documents over from Microsoft Word.

And here we go.


Have at it and comment your criticisms below.


A most curious story, very well written… A characterization of attempting to use imagination to break the monotony of everyday life, perhaps, only to run face-first into some artificial limit that brings everything back to reality? I’m not sure… either way, I very much enjoyed this.

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I really got into that.

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Glad to hear it.

Admittedly, the idea was less that an artificial limit is hit, and more about losing oneself to enacting change for the sake of change, without bothering to ensure the change will last and make a difference on the world at large beyond being a memory. The collapse was the change fading away due to its instability and inability to dig itself into the world, instead only focusing on climbing upwards.

That being said, your interpretation is still very interesting, and I’d love to hear further alternative perspectives on the matter.