Ajin: Demi-Human

Recently I’ve been watching an Anime called “Ajin: Demi-Human” on Netflix.

It’s a great show so far, and I’d like to know what you all think!

As of now, I am on episode 4 (just started today).

Please, try to avoid spoilers unless it is absolutely necessary for the comment you want to make.

I should mention, it is TV-MA, so it does contain gore and other dark themes.

Grr… This Anime is not making a good first impression with me. I find the animation stiff and slow, the dialogue is awkard and unnatural, and what I have watched so far I feel has pacing issues.

Keep in mind that you are talking to someone who has seen shows with more fluid 3D animation like Iron Man: Armored Adventures, RWBY (eventhough it’s technically a web series), Bionicle JTO, Star Wars the Clone Wars, and Voltron Force.

In short I don’t think I will be continuing watching this anime.

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You know what’s funny? I’ve seen and loved all of those (except I never saw much of Voltron).

The animation is odd, I will admit. I haven’t had any issue with the dialogue, though.

I just think the story is great so far, I haven’t even noticed the pacing.

To be honest, I got nothing against the concept and story (at the moment). It’s just all the other stuff I mentioned. Plus I have only watched the first episode so far.

I noticed the pacing…My senses are way too sharp. Plus this is the first time I’ve had a red flag go up when I have watched something. But to be fair, I will give you an example of what I mean.

I feel the first epsiode rushed into the series by having the main character go Ajin and start fleeing his home town. What I would have done is developed the main character some more (which I feel was rushed) and then have the truck hit him at the end of the episode and save his Ajin activation for the next episode.

Looking back on it, I might finish the series later on just to see how it ends, but it is certainly not on my immediate To-do list.

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Yes, I can see this. To be fair, we need to remember what this is: a Netflix original anime based on a manga. I think they needed action early on to catch viewer interest.

But I understand how they are flaws.

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Oh man, I want to watch this show bad…but my parents said no.

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Yeah, I can understand why. It’s really dark and violent.

well, it’s going on my list, I’ll check it out sometime after I finish Psycho-Pass

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Though I thought Ajin: DH was OK, I’d say a far better 3D-animated anime on Netflix would have to be Knights of Sidonia. The animation alone in Knights far surpasses Ajin.

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I look for stories. Animation is usually an extra for me, except when it comes to RWBY.

I’ll check it out later.


I’ve been sitting on this for a bit and while I would love to give them a pass for being a netflix original, sadly I cannot. I have seen way better animation on the internet that has been done by one man teams. Heck, I’ve even heard of a free to watch anaimated short online that was made with a custom graphics engine by one person.

And obviously it doesn’t help that there are better-animated shows out there.

And catching the viewer’s interest is not an excuse for rushing your show. For Pete’s sake, the title card in the netflix listing is interesting enough as it is. In fact, that is what caught my attention initally.

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