Ajtazt's Bioformer Gallery

Me and my brother as huge fans of DrScorpionX and his Bioformers. My brother has built several Bioformers, while I have only ended up making two. One of which is a decent Duocon and the other a decent tank with a terrible robot mode. But how well do they live up to the master of the Bioformers? Not very well, but that’s up for you do decide!

“Dramatic”/Brisk Torrid:


Those two above were my Bioformers. Those on Lego.com know that the ajt of ajtazt is my younger brother (I’m the azt). I asked him if he would like me to post his Bioformers on here for feedback and he said yes. So this next bunch are all my brothers.


M.A.T. :




Journey’s End:



Inspector Smoke:



Coolio, but the pictures uploaded in the wrong order.

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The robot forms are generally a bit questionable, but the vehicle modes make up for them.


The red one looks like a Siege Tank from the StarCraft franchise. (Meaning it’s very good) Good job, keep up making more! :smile:

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TBH, the 1st one reminds me of Overlord:

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They’re all pretty decent. However most tend to sacrifice form for the function of transforming, which makes for some pretty great alt. modes.

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No offense, but the legs on the first one are like a second thought to me

i like wheellieeyes, eyesore, and streak the most

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@Omega_Tahu No, the pictures are in the order I uploaded them. Two are in reverse order of their robot and vehicle forms compared to the rest, but that’s for reasons of randomness.

@Brunamal Yep, that is the case for our Bioformers.

@DG_Eddie Thanks! Though, it will be some time before I try to make another Bioformer. I just have a much harder time at it than my brother.

@Sammythekat Huh, they do look similar, even though “Dramatic” is based on the Duocon concept alone and not any specific Transformer.

@Leoxandar The MOCer giveth and taketh away.

@Toa_Watau Funny, I worked on the legs first and the most. I know they aren’t the greatest, but you try making a tank that splits in half and becomes the legs and feet. Even Hasbro didn’t have the land vehicles of the Duocons split in half and become legs.

@Styrofoam My brother says thanks. Wheelieeyes and Streak are some of his favorites.


I guess tat makes sense