Akela's Scout Runner Mech

Pilot: Akela

Gender: Female

Type of Mech: the kind that kills you


Concept and Ideas: Akela’s scout suit was based off of a school sketch that I made after when I created Dregn’s Buster suit. The main idea with the pistons on the arms was men’t for more articulation but it turns out its just meant for show. The Right hand gun (from pilot’s point of view) was based off of E-102 Gama from Sonic Adventure and the left hand gun was based off a mini gun. Nothing to special about that besides the chain. The yellow color scheme was based off The P-5000 Work Loader from Aliens.

Story Behind Creation: There really is no story but I can tell you that Akela made the suit to fight off any of Shakarons “Devourer of Kanohi’s” attacks against her.


Akela’s neck definitely looks too long and the mixing of three different colours of gold really doesn’t look good to me. The visible bases of those 3/4 plates on her arms is a bit strange too, but overall she looks pretty cool. Definitely not the most common look for a she-toa.

As for the mech, again now so sure about how those exposed bottoms of bricks look. I’m no system builder though so I don’t really have too much of an opinion about it. It’s based off the one from the Alien movies, right?

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Sick mech. The Rider by herself looks sorta meh. The golds don’t mix and the proportions look… iffy

Must be a Friend of Daia

The Pilot is meh, but I really like the Mech. It looks like a Construction Mech, with a bunch of guns. :smile:

Lemme guess, another World of Warcraft/League of Legends/Other Dumb MMO character? :unamused:

The Mech looks great. Good job.

nice burn :sunglasses:

Hmm… If I had a golden Kaukau I would totally revamp Akela…

Wonder where you got that warm gold kaukau, that or my mind is tricking me.

I actually have, except with the yellow kaukau, and here name is Akela Rift (dimension kind of story line).

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… I realize the Pilot might look not as good due to piloting reasons, BUT DAYUM. That looks a heckuva lot better! Sure Nuvaboobs, but it looks pretty good!

yes, but, sadly I’ve already scrapped her for parts. I have a friend that won’t stop bugging me to rebuild her. The reason how I have the picture is that I do instagram also

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Actually a Moc

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I believe I’ve been playing too much Skyrim. I read the title as “Aela’a Scout Runner Mech”

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I have never played or laid my hands on a skyrim game. Not even watched play throughs.


Thats how all my friends feel like doing to me


This MOC is an interesting mixture of System and Technic. It’s not perfect, but IMO the creativity more than makes up for the flaws. I’d suggest covering up some of the bare-looking areas, especially the part above the pilot’s head.

For the love of @yran, please

Call them Elder Scrolls games (TES for short)

I beseech thee. :stuck_out_tongue:

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