Aknex Toa of Steampunks

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hey @Toa_of_red_pins i have a question

wil you ever stop using only ccbs?

also what is up with the back?

and can you please get a better camera

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Ccns is all i have

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Anyways, the Moc’s shoulders seem low, and he has Heels? The back armor also is weird.

Way too oversexualized. Even with that, it’s not built very well.


oh umm…

do you use bricklink you can get tons of parts and sets

so yea go to there and buy some g1 sets (they have really good prices)

Proportions of the limbs are perfect. However the torso still needs work. I see you too my advice on proportions.

The photography has gotten a bit better, that’s a plus.

Research the Vitruvian Man for extra information on proportions, including the build of the body.

Also don’t listen to whatever anyone tells you. CCBS is fine for a moc.

@SwagMeister How? Is it over feminized is it just because it’s a female why does everyone say that

@CarumSarene Thanks but what’s wrong with the torso so I can fix it is it too flat

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A lot of people are touchy in regards to feminine body types for mocs. Often believing the best female moc is a flat chested low waist and thin build. When in reality it should vary.

The shoulders are one issue, where they are is positioned too low. Where you position the breast plates, the shoulders are positioned above that and closer to the spine. (No side pic so hard to tell) The hip is also too large in comparison to the waist, makes the character look bloated. It’s always good to check female proportions, and study the varying body builds.


It is, but using just one system doesn’t exactly help a moc either.

I agree, however it also varies on the type of moc. For a beginner, it’s okay to start in one system and branch out. Give him time, especially to get more pieces in Technic, which in my opinion is more crucial to mocs than Bionicle system.


I’m am so very sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone at all I opologize for o seemingly over feminizing the mocsand willattemp to make it better I have no problem with fixing an offensive moc

They likely say that simply because you are clearly making a point of adding emphasis on certain more feminine areas, for instance here having a whole chest-piece devoted to her rear. I have no problem with a variety of feminine shapes, and if all female MOCs were the same shape I’d be in uproar… but in your case it seems that your approach to a female figure is simply a breast-shaped chest and wide hips. There are a multitude of subtleties between a shape that looks masculine and feminine, not just the obvious.

That said, I like that you’re trying to improve! This MOC is a little odd, but a great step up from your Toa of Lava. Her breastplate looks functional, and it wouldn’t greatly impede functionality.

I also wouldn’t say that it’s an offensive MOC! It’s clear that there’s no malice here, at least to me.


Nono, you didn’t offend me. I was saying it’s okay to build female mocs with varying body types. I’m Celtic, for example, so I have a stocky build.


If you remove the chest piece from the butt area, it would improve A LOT. As it is, it looks… alright, but could definitely stand some improvement. Also, as a toa of steampunkery, she should have more texture. Oh, and your photography has improved, so that’s a plus.

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Really Toa of red pins? Really!?! Look, I am sincerely sorry for opening up this reply on a rather blunt note, but this is not how you do a Female MOC.

Look, if you want to build a female MOC, you can’t focus on giving it female features. You need to focus on the build first. Typically females in Bionicle have a more gender neutral appearance with hints towards there gender that are very subtle.

Plus using a chest piece for your MOCs “bottom” doesn’t look right. The chest piece is intended to be used as armor for the chest. Also the chest armor is off. It looks like the head has extremely limited articulation.

I highly suggest studying other people’s MOCs. Try to find ones that have gotten acclaim all around and see what they do. Obviously don’t blatantly copy them.

Again, my apologies for how blunt I was in the beginning.


Agreed. It’s like I keep bringing up gali; the shaping made her look female even though she shared a male build.

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It covers a lot so if there isn’t a way to use that I have to use this

You took a male build
You gave it boobs
and a butt.

This isn’t female, this is a guy with implants. Look up female proportions dude, they’ll help tremendously.