Aktoros (Dune bull) (TTV Community Contest Entry)

There aren't enough animals on Okoto.


The Aktoros, or “dune bull,” is a massive animal that lives in the Region of Stone. They live among the dunes and use them to help protect themselves from the sandstorms; hence, their name. These enormous animals can be tamed, but it requires much time and patience. Their tempers can be short, and their hind legs and hooves are extremely strong. This is not necessarily a good combination, as they can split boulders apart with a single kick. It would not be entirely pleasant to have one attack you.

In addition to their short tempers and immense strength, the Aktoros are known for their notoriously long lifespans. In fact, they live for so long that if one dies under the care of its owner, it is considered to be a bad omen. Interestingly, many of the bulls died off shortly before the skull spiders arrived on the island. There were few bulls left on the island when the Toa arrived, and their numbers have not increased much. Perhaps when the evil has been vanquished, they will return in their numbers of old.


Aside from the yellow lift arm and the odd red ascents, it's a solid MOC. To me it looks like Bane got into the Bionicle Universe and gave that thing a huge douse of Venom (If you don't know, read comics).

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The red is for the eyes and mouth; I wanted to evoke a slight resemblance to the Mahi from MNOG. The yellow lift arms are the levers for the leg function.

Oh. Still looks kind of weird, but over all, it is gud.


That's soo cool! I love the design!

Hope you win! smile

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I don't like the green that much. Over all it's a solid moc.

I added it because it seems like most things from the Region of Stone has trans-neon green. Namely, the Protector of Stone, Skull Scorpio, and Pohatu's right arm.

Nice giant Mahi goat

Your MoC got mentioned on TTV Podcast 155 BTW!

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Wow. J-j-j-j-just: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WOW.

I wish I voted for this.


The mahi live! Except they're huge!