Algaia Boleslava

Aglaia Boleslava

2066, the greatest assassin who ever lived, Aglaia Boleslava defends the motherland as a member of the Ursine Assault Squad. Her entire body is cybernetic, the result of one tragic miscalculation.

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thanks to Grayson for helping to build this moc and letting me borrow the galidor and hockey pieces necessary to complete it.


Is she a comrade of Gregoriy Petrov? If so, I’d love to see more mocs/characters in this world.

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Why the red arm/hand?
Cool arm design, though.

'Nuff said.

Amazing job! As hard as it is to use those human heads, you really made it work!


Great use of the Rey… head. Your really a head of us all! 9/10

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Always good to see Galador parts getting some love. Great MoC!

I love all the part usages here… The Jyn Erso head, Rey cloth, Galidor pieces and the Hockey Mask, all complement each other very well!

That’s jyn erso’s head


Oh… I didn’t realize. Well, great use of jyn erso’s head!

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Now this is a quality MOC! Well done!