Alice with the dang floaties

Art that’s based on LEGO/BIONICLE mocs but isn’t expressly a LEGO/BIONICLE character is cool too, right?

Character is Alice. She’s cute~


She is cute indeed, looks really nice, I see you are not only good at moccing but also at drawing

Have I said this before? Uh… Deja-vu

Really cool,love the shading and posing

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A cool stylization of the MOC. I like the effect those floaties add.

Nice job on the shading.

Thanks everyone!
(I don’t know man, I don’t think so?? I haven’t put up art on TTV before as far as I know XD)

I really like the style. However, I have no idea what the floating things are.

They’re just, non-descript baubles. Not really meant to be anything but aethetically pleasing. Plus, the ones on top look like ears 'u ’

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snazzy. dynamic style

Yo Chrooooooo
Thanks man!