I was very surprised to not find a topic about this, so if there is one, feel free to shut this down.

Are there aliens? Could there be aliens? If so, what would they look like? What are your favorite aliens from movies? What would you want another race to be like? Can foil protect you?


With a nearly endless universe. And a multitude of billions of planets, it’s impossible that there aren’t aliens.


I don’t want to turn this into a religious discussion or anything, but I believe that God made us as the only beings, well, like us. Or, rather, Him, since we are made in His image and all.


I would love to believe so.

Ooh, new question, would aliens break all ideas we’ve had in the past about life?

This topic is open to fiction if you’d still like to participate


Who ever said god, the creator of the universe was human. I like to think we were made in the image of sapience. And why fill such a vast universe with only one sapient species? That’s just my personal beliefs though.

Fiction is fake. I made my point

Aside from reality, movies and shows with aliens are always good.
Stargate, Doctor Who, and Twilight zone are my favorites.

In the bible it says that we were created in his image. And he could be anything. He has no limits. Heck, God could be a she for all we know.
But let’s end it there, I don’t want to turn this into a huge discussion. I have… Certain strong beliefs that most others don’t have.

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Agreed. Though there’s no question. The discovery of alien life would change everything we know about life.


What would we (humans) do to aliens?
I think we would probably either attack them, or capture them and experiment on them.

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I prefer to subscribe to the idea that it’s better to be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.

For me, the discovery of aliens would be very pleasant indeed.


First contact is an interesting concept. I highly recommend isaac arthur’s YouTube videos on it. They’re really interesting.

Will do!
Same here, although I think like anybody I’d be suspicious and cautious at first.


Anyway, back on topic, I am kinda mixed about aliens. On one side I agree with @meepinater. On the other, I see a lot of documentaries that seem kinda true for the most part. But who knows. All those UFO encounters might be true, or they might as well be just inventions meant to scare people.

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I want to meet a member of the Nordic race.

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What do you mean? Nordic aliens?

An alien from the Nordic race.


So where is everyone? This is Fermi’s paradox, if you haven’t heard about it before, I’ll just leave the quick run down. The universe is 13 billion years old, Earth is only 4 and all of human civilization has occurred in around 12000ish years, so any Alien species has a good chance of being ahead of us right? Colonizing galaxies and all that. But we haven’t seen that, there’s no evidence of it, paradox.

There are some theories that explain the paradox such as great filters but it’s all theoretical as we only know of one way life came about and in a universe as large as ours, who’s to say it’s the only one.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Aliens could break all ideas we’ve had in the past. If we find the remains of Aliens, it could be our doom (great filters), if we find an advance civilization, they could teach us things we’d never have known previously.

@meepinater we most likely would not attack them unless provoked, neither would we capture or experiment on them as they would often exchange knowledge and information with us. There is very little to be gained from attacking visitors to Earth or going to another planet to attack aliens, the energy required for these trips is more valuable than whatever we can gain from attacking or inhumane experimentation.

That was a mouthful to write.


Fair point, but think of the rumors people came up with for Area 51.
There’s some pretty wacky ideas, it’s just making me think about what people say they would do, and then what they might actually do.
Again, you do have a good point.


That is the only reason aliens are so popular lol.

Haha yeah

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I’d argue aliens are the reason Area 51 is so popular.