Alli - Bionicle SelfMoc

You guys may have seen my old selfmoc, Taro. Well, Taro’s rip in peace now, and my new selfmoc Alli is here. I changed my selfmoc for a few reasons:
He was standing on my shelf for ages, and I got bored of him.

I felt he didn’t represent me well as a selfmoc, his bulky proportions and grim look don’t really suit my looks or personality, I just didn’t see “myself” in Taro.

Alli, is different. Enjoy!

Leave your opinions below, I would love to hear you out on your critisism.
As far as backstory, he doesn’t have much. He isn’t a toa or anything specific, but he has an 'elemental" power. He uses sound as his power, and has a large interest in music. This power combined with his mask of speed lets him move at the speed of sound (stupid, I know)


He’s pretty cool, love the look of custom torso especially.

@Stoax Thanks! Much appreciated.
@Omega Thanks for critique, I agree with your points. But at the same time I am quite happy with his appearance, I wanted to capture proportions similiar to that of my own, and the arms I think look fine to me. It doesn’t have exact human proportions. As for the burnt orange color, yeah, not much of it, I originally only wanted the mask to be a different color to stand out more, not sure why I had this kind of look in mind. Thanks for looking!
@Windfall Thank you so much! This moc will go through alot of work, trust me.Taro was uploaded after being built for a few months, Alli was put up the day I made him in his earliest form.

Wow, I love the customization on this thing!

I see custom bulds here.

The colorscheme is definitely interesting: black base, dark red and burnt orange. Looks kinda like a wanderer to me.
The torso is well built too, I like the use of the metru chest piece.

Now for some critiques. The lower arms look almost like bones: you could either rework them or replace them with a standard ccbs limb.
The upper legs could use the inika shin pieces to look more proportionate.
Last but not least, the legs could use a burnt orange piece each to look more cohesive with the rest of the build.

Overall: it is a good start, nice job, but it needs some work.

Pretty nice. Needs work tho. His neck looks thin and very strange, especially juxtaposed together with his flat shoulders. Some greebling could probably fix that, cause it is still proportional with the arms at least. The shin and belly armor also look awkward, like they are tacked on, and aren’t very solid. Other than those two things, pretty fabulous start for a new self-MOC