Alli- The Male Water Character

I’ve been posting a lot of selfmocs lately, and yes this is essentially Alli v5. Before you wonder, YES I GOT RID OF THE TURQUOISE MASK YOU HAPPY? Just kidding. But yeah, it is gone.

First, here’s the previous one. There was a few versions between this and how he is now, but I never posted them.

Now here you go, the brand new one!

Now with a painted mask. Like it?

“Hey, what’s up?”

Very slight waist articulation.

My obligatory Tahu Uniter size comparison. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think!


I miss the turquoise mask. But, pretty schway otherwise.


@leoxander I actually painted a different kakama, so I still have the turquoise one. I think this looks much better though.

@Mrblackpants haha its dark blue, not black.
@RaptorTalon @TheRed1s @BioKnight Thanks guys!

@SwagMeister Thanks dude. Maybe I’ll try, I just dont have very much exo focre arms…


Why paint one black when you can buy one off of bricklink?

@AmazingDirtHunter looks black, probably the picture quality


Yeah, pictures are not the best, but in some it is pretty obvious.

looks groovy.

but I think shoulder pads would make it even better

Pretty neat.

It looks good. It has an interesting custom foot design

Oooooooh yes this is much better.
Now he needs some actual hands.

I really like how matte the mask looks