Alli version 2- Bionicle Selfmoc by AmazingDirtHunter

This is my selfmoc, Alli. (A nickname for Alex) He is nothing but a representation of me. He doesn’t have a backstory or anything. You can checkout his previous form for comparison if you wish. unfortunately, my Whenua metru had to sacrifice his mask for this moc, so i have to get a second one. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking, make sure to tell me what you think and how you think i could improve this moc! I’ll do my best!


I like it.

@Cyclopian Thanks!
@DiamondKing Thanks alot, much appreciated! :wink:
@ToaVoriki Thank you! The chest and torso as a whole is what i’m most proud of with this build.
@Oniwah Thanks! :wink:
@GIF.Man.Ben ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Yveran So? he has blue and I think they actually look kinda cool as highlights on him. Thanks for feedback anyway :wink:
@Omega_Tahu Thanks for feedback! I really don’t know how to fix that torso! That bit does kinda annoy me. But if you don’t really focus on that part I think it looks alright. :smiley:

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This is awesome. If there were any more silver he’d have '08 syndrome but he just has the right amount. He’s surprisingly tall. A weapon would be nice but I suppose it is a self MOC.

Overall: 9.6/10 :thumbsup:

I like it, I think the chest design is pretty cool. :smile:

Looks awesome!

Amazing MOC, bauss.


So i saw your topic, and remebered you posted on my self moc, so i thought, why not?

Anyways, the torso could use some filling out, mainly the part where it narrows to just one module. I think it could use some blue, as the feet stick out a bit without large amounts of blue anywhere else. The lower arms could benefit from extra armor as well.

Just my 2 cents

Feels a bit generic

hey dude, I played around a little and figured something out. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow if I can. The body looks much more complete.

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