Alli Version 3- Bionicle SelfMoc of AmazingDirtHunter

ayyy I finally updated him! I took your feedback into consideration. Mostly by making the body a bit more complete. Along with that, a new color scheme, new mask, and a snazzy cape B) is it an improvement from the last one? have you even SEEN the last one? Do i even CARE? I dunno.

I actually didnt wanna give him weapons at first, but these looked cool on him. And yeah, I did paint the edges of the swords black.

Hope you like it, thanks for looking! :smiley:

Sorry about the picture quality, I will take better ones probably tomorrow.

PS im fully aware his mask is out of place. I like it. ssshhhh


The Build itself isn’t bad, but the mask is really out of place.


@White_Rainbow Thanks! As for the mask- I dunno why, i actually WANTED it that way, I know its weird, but I like it. Kinda has a charm to it in a way, well to me.
@Leoxandar yeah, it is really cool. I got it on BrickLink for 80 cent. There was about 20 more for the same price aswell.
@TheRed1s i know. I actualy wanted it that way, and I ordered the mask for it. I like it, I’m weird.
@AdamusTheFirst Thanks for feedback, I’m aware of the mask sticking out, and I actually intended the moc to look like that. For some reason it works for me and just makes the mask more striking. ples dont judge meh
@SwagMeister Thanks? By “alot of work” you mean the mask, right? XD
@BioKnight k.
@Middlefingerstudios yeah yeah, mask is out of place. Once again, i actually like it that way, to me it makes the mask more striking and the moc more unique.
@Oniwah Thanks, I did work on this build a while.

Thanks for looking everyone, I will try get better pictures up, as these are quite unclear. Anyway, I’m glad you guys actually like it (well, apart from the mask…)


All I can think of is that I want that mask.

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looks good, but the mask color looks kinda odd

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Pretty much what everyone else aid about the mask being odd, though I doesn’t bother me all that much (I have the Tarakava, and the teal is just awesome :slight_smile: ). Torso feels a little too long, the legs should be longer and I think it should have more white. Still though, I find myself really liking this guy :smiley:

The build is alright, however I think the colors need a lot of work.

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I have to agree that the teal mask does look a bit weird on him

I feel you need more teal for the mask to work (not your fault though, teal is hard to come by)

Looks well built, but the mask looks out of place.