alliance tank showcase

(okay i meant to post this yesterday but i might have forgotten after playing 6 hrs of guild wars 2 ........ oh well)

anyways i'm back yet again with some more tanks, so time to show these bad boys off

this time it's the alliance

story time!

the alliance were a group off people that split off from the federation after it declared that the federation would no longer protect the outer rim of the galaxy, the alliance vowed to make the outer rim a safer place for all. but as the alliance grew their views widened they were now determined to overthrow the federation and make the entire galaxy theirs instead of just the outer rim. fortunately for them the federation beat them to the punch and declared war first, they didn't take to kindly to losing their territory.

so now the first tank we have up is .....

Name: AT-V1
Nick Name: That Weird one
Weapon: Smart shells
Armor: medium
Speed: Fast

soldiers usually called this tank the weirdo due to its off centered turret, aside from that this tank essentially has homing shells not all that special but they can't all be winners!

Name: AT-V2
Nick Name: Devastator
Weapons: normal cannon, Four large machine guns
Armor: Heavy
Speed: slow

though the alliance is still very rag tag resistance in terms of military there is one exception. This unholy product of death and destruction is lightly called the devastator its overwhelming power will absolutely rip apart any unfortunate soul to be anywhere near it's many guns

Name: AT-V3
Nick Name: Shot tank
Weapon: Shotgun turret
Armor: Light
Speed: Fast

this tank is more or less the back bone of the entire alliance army making it the most used tank in the army to date, in turn its quite the piece of garbage, easy and cost effective to produce. although this is mostly the case the gun stands out, this shotgun turret is able to shred any kind of armor apart (what it does to humans is both amazing and terrifyingly gruesome)

again thank you all for reading this i really like hearing all your opinions so please don't stop. this post was suppose to come out hours ago but i got caught up watching markiplier and fairy tail so ya


So tiny, yet so good.

The idea of a shotgun tank is really quite cool. I can imagine them almost "charging" the enemy, in a rather reckless, but overwhelming way...

I love the color schemes.

@Novel thank you!

@EvilLobsterKing considering that the business model for the shot tank was quantity over quality they did good on the gun, thank you for bringing this point out to me!

@DannyBoyy thank you! if it wasn't obvious the shot tank does have a gray stripe down the middle of it

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dude these are slickk

What program is this?

this is, bricklink’s little brick building program

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