Allone: Thee Eternal Balance

Well, it’s been some time sines I last post. What like over a year? mainly burnout and a block. But I’m back, and I’m excited to show you this Moc, the Allone, the god of my story I’m doing

I had like a list of things I wanted to do for this Moc, some didn’t work and some did. Yes I know there a blue piece on the back, bricklink had none left in green

Like the scale and yes, they do work. It was a idea had when I was playing through the Darksiders games. they talk a lot about keeping the balance, so I thought why not show it

Here Allone with his two halves who carry his will. Aether, his right-hand and Erebus, his Left hand. If you wish to see more of the story about them you can look up their topics here
Aether: Right hand
Erebus: Right Hand

Also another idea I had is this one, he can use both Aether and Erebus weapons, but not normally

And yes, I did copy this of that anime. guess which one I like to see who can get it

I wanted to add something different to my Mocs, and oddly I never did a Moc with four arms before

But there’s one more thing hiding

This is the Allone true form, his name is #%(>. Oh? that’s odd

I add this because I like the idea for a big godly being, but just turns out to be a small person, like it’s just a front

The balance is off too much the sands of humanity are counting down, form Erebus actions. will the seven worlds be safe, only the Allone can really know


This is incredible! Such a unique aesthetic, very detailed, and a very impressive size, too! My personal favorite part about it would have to be the way you used those Hero Factory cocoons, it’s such a clever use of those parts!

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I have to agree with everything you said, another thing I will highlight is the great radial balance and I love the spinjitzu parts for upper arms

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Reminds me of Libra from Mega Man Star Force


Wow, it dose look so alike. how came I didn’t know about this

Just curious, what part is that leaf peice used on the back?

they are the hero factory cocoons that came out in 2015 invasion from below wave

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Invasion from below came out in 2014, actually.


I thought it was toasting me in the first picture.

Detailed but not over detailed! Good job!