Alternate Dimension Makuta

Since it is a new trend to post Makuta MOC and I haven't posted any MOC in the last weeks, it is time to publish some more content. Here he is, an alternate version of Makuta Teridax who travelled to our known G1 universe to finsih, what the initial Teridax started.

Not quite the most interesting design, but it looks much better than my previous one:

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Nice job.

"this guy never goes away! We kill him and he comes back from another universe!" -Mata Nui in his grave.


looks pretty good. although the lower leg armor seems to go out a little too much.

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Yep, an inconvenience I also saw when finishing him. But it didn't bother me much so I didn't change it.

The first picture reminds me of this guy:

for some reason

Mmm, purple :stuck_out_tongue: