Alternate Universe Concepts

We all know about alternate universes, due to Takanuva’s (mis)adventures with Brutaka’s damaged Olmak. Despite the fact that we do have canon alternate universes for Bionicle G1, what would be one that you would want to see?


I always wanted to see one where Karzahni defeated Artahka in the ancient battle for the Mask of Creation and created all sorts of stuff with it, becoming a sort of tyrannical monarch over the matoran (we know he was a flawed creator - imagine what the MU would have looked like if he had that mask…)


I’d like to see:

  1. An alternate universe where the Toa Mangai are tipped-off to Makuta Teridax’s plan to take over Metru Nui, and thus don’t get slowly picked-off.
    But then, in a twist of plot, it’s revealed that the tip(s) came from their version of Velika, and the Mangai stopping Teridax in this universe has somehow spurred the master plans of its Velika into overdrive, putting this world’s inhabitants in more danger than the ones of the main timeline.

  2. One where the Toa Mata’s canisters didn’t malfunction, and they all showed up on Mata Nui with their memories intact, and then either beat Teridax quickly and restored order without Mata Nui ever dying, or (depending on how much Teridax was just toying with them, and if they actually could have defeated him and returned to Metru Nui centuries before he would have wanted them to) got totally owned (at least for quite a while, anyway).

  3. A universe that one of the Shadow Takanuvas came from, where we would see what the repercussions for that universe would be for having their Toa of Light yanked from them, be turned evil, and probably never return.

  4. An alternate universe where at least some of the unused ideas for Bionicle would’ve been implemented, which might’ve resulted in looking something like a world where Makuta would not actually be the titan set who was Mata-Nui’s brother and fought Takanuva, but was actually the virus that put Mata-Nui to sleep, which would have just been controlling Mata-Nui’s brother with the Mask of Shadows much the same way it controlled rahi with the infected masks. Also, in this world, Takanuva’s destiny would involve him not defeating Makuta through force, so much as instead, partway through the fight, realizing the truth about Makuta’s nature, and choosing to make himself vulnerable in order to get close enough to Mata Nui’s brother and slap the Mask of Light on his face, thus curing him of the virus (I thought that the 2,003 videogame got the “Makuta as a corrupting influence rather than a person” concept across much better than the whole “Takutanuva” thing*). As a side note, playing out Makuta’s identity this way would would also make a lot more sense of the “Dume-imposter talking to ‘the great shadow’” scene in the Legends of Metru Nui film.

*I do still like what the official timeline did with Makuta being the actual character, though. :+1:


Hmm… interesting.:+1:
Are you saying that you think that in this scenario, he would’ve discovered the rest of MU before the Ignition Trilogy, and tried (with at least some success, anyway) to conquer it and/or remake it in his own image?

Also, which mask (if you had to guess) would you say that Artakha would have taken for himself in this universe? Maybe the Mask of Alternate Futures? Or something different entirely?

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Assuming Karzahni let Artakha live, I think it would be cool having him wear that mask but use it to give visions of hope and a brighter future to the matoran, instead of fear.


It hadn’t really occurred to me before your post that the mask wasn’t inherently evil, and could possibly be used mainly for good…:thinking:
Great insight!:+1:

Do you think that the Mask of Alternate Futures would have the same appearance in this world as it did in the main timeline, or instead be “not-so-evil-looking”? (And if it did look different from the one in the main timeline, then do you think that the same could be said for this Karzahni’s Mask of Creation?)


I would guess the Mask of Creation would look the same - it existed prior to the point where this timeline would “split” from the main one, and it cannot have been damaged/repaired by Karzahni because Legendary masks leak power when damaged.

As for the Olisi, it’s hard to say - we don’t know where that mask originated, so we don’t know why it looks the way it does or if it would be reasonable to give it a different appearance.


Good point. :+1:

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The shadows au a universe where teridax has imortality and a new makuta Makuta Desperaxe helps him before turning on teradax, destorying his imortality charm and the my Toa Phantoka have to kill him.

To be fair, we did see Karzahni use his mask to give Lesovikk a “good future”. Which leads into what I would like to see, what if the mask of alternate futures was exactly as its name implied, and literally provided a mental link/portal to an alternate universe. I would like to see some adventuring spanning from this, as with a combination of the Olisi, Suletu, and Kualsi this alternate-future dimension travel could be possible.


I want to see one where the Toa Nuva become corrupt and evil (not Toa Empire) or one that shows them being killed on a mission :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I’m currently writing a fanfic story about it, but it’s set in G2 where Kulta and his minions finally live up to their true potential by finishing off the Toa.


You could also tie that in with a similar main-universe story about curing the Shadow Takanuvas and returning them to their own dimensions.

EDIT: It just got way better when I realized that there is only one being in the core universe right now that has the ability to travel between dimensions.


Not really a significant change but what about a universe where Brutakka and Axonn were toa and were friends when they were matoran. Axonn would probably be a toa of fire while Brutakka would be a unique male toa of water.

One where literally everything goes wrong after the shattering. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING.

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How about an alternate universe where Teridax succeeded in his original '04 plan (to reawaken the Matoran with the mask of time and rule over them) and so he never moves on to the “big” plan? That could be interesting.


Wouldn’t the Order of Mata Nui just step in at that point?

And that wouldn’t be interesting? :stuck_out_tongue:


This part of his Plan never made sense to me. We are shown that the Matoran had their memories wiped in a matter of months, if not weeks; was the Vahi really so important? Also, although the writers may not have known it at the time, Teridax always knew about the nature of the Universe. Why would he ever settle for just the Matoran? He seems like he would have been trying to possess the Universe from the start.

To me, it makes more sense that he planned to use the Vahi to accelerate Mata Nui’s death. Remember, the Toa Mata were supposed to arrive immediately after the Great Cataclysm. If this was the case, Makuta would have had to delay them for 1000 years while Mata Nui died naturally, so that he could put his own spirit into the Great Spirit Robot before the Mata awakened it. If he had the Vahi, he could let the Mata do their job immediately after they arrived, and he would be able to better control when Mata Nui died, making Makuta’s job a lot easier.

Obviously, this Alternate Plan isn’t canon, but it seems a lot better than his actual one, of “take over Metru Nui”.


One where the GSR got shattered and its inhabitants got spread out across the 3 planets. This would be instead of the Red Star being damaged. The story would follow the Mata as they have to visit each of the planets and resolve issues on them, perhaps being adapted to each specific planet to overcome the obstacles they face.


That’s the best justification for him wanting the Vahi I think I’ve ever heard. Hats off to you.