Alternate Universe Questions?

Melding Universe

  1. Is the Takua of that universe a Matoran or a Toa?
  2. Would there be Matoran and Toa of Sand, or a lack of Matoran and Toa of one of the less common MU Elements, like Gravity, Sonics, etc.?
  3. Do any MU species not exist there, like the Zyglak or Visorak?
  4. Are the different Makuta Powers solely a result of them purging their darkness, or are there other factors as well, because while I can get the other changes listed, the inclusion of telekinesis is surprising.
    4b. Why is there no Light equivalent of a Shadow Hand or Shadow Kraata?

Great Spirit Makuta Universe

  1. Are the MU inhabitants of this reality made of protodermis or antidermis?
  2. What prompted the Great Beings to put Makuta in the place Mata Nui is and vice versa?
    2b. What purpose did this universe’s Mata Nui serve? Did her perform a function similar to the main universe’s Makuta?
    2c. What drove him to rebellion?
  3. Are there more than one of Mata Nui’s species here?

Sepherus Magna Universe

  1. Why was Miserix leading that army?
  2. Why didn’t the Makuta revolt in this reality?
  3. Did Velika not transfer his mind into the Velika body here?
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And how did converting to light affect any Kraata already in existence?

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