Alternate universes and Dimensions in Bionicle

I’ve realized that AU’s and dimensions in Bionicle play key parts in some areas of the story.

How are these alternate universes and dimensions (in g1) created and why? Is it the multiple universe theory? Or something more intentional such as when Teridax created one for one of his rouge rahi? on the note of alternate universes and dimensions, was the kanohi Ulmak created to explore these dimensions after or before this phenomenon was discovered?

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According to BS01.

“Alternate Timelines are spawned from an act or choice made in the primary universe; for every decision made there, an alternate timeline exists where a different choice or outcome occurred.”

"Pocket Dimensions are minor worlds that bear little or no relation to the core universe and its offshoots. They are not created by differing timelines and may be host to entirely different conditions than the universe of Solis Magna. "