Altrax, Toa of Lightning

Hooray a new MOC. This one is Altrax, Toa of Lightning.

This one is obviously a G2 MOC, because well, the pieces.
Of course, I did use a few G1 pieces but who doesn't really? (not an actual question)

This is his gun, the Storm Blaster. (maybe i'll do a tutorial on it?) It as well attaches to his back. It is based on Kopaka 2016's gun thing. (mostly because it is a modified Kopaka 2016 stud launcher.)

The build of this MOC is fairly complex, having axles and technic builds. (its the 2016 torso so of course it's fairly complex.) Im gonna shut up now and just let you look at the pictures. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Back of the MOC, nothing special.

Removed the torso piece and mask. =P

Anyway, that's it for this MOC. The next MOC I will be posting will probably be my G1 Self-MOC, Toa Distraxx.

EDIT: The next G2 MOC will probably take a long time because I really have no Idea what to do with it right now.


At first, I was expecting Voraki.
But this is amazing.
The colors aren't super lightning-y, but they work well enough that I could believe it.
The trans colors are a little divided, but it looks like violent, roiling energy, so it works.
Great work!

Neat, I really like how both transparent colors look together on him.


The colors are cool, but honestly I think they would be better if they were more organized.

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Not bad. The core design is more or less the same as the current G2 build, but with some nice tweaks here and there. It's a good beginners MoC. Don't like the trans blue very much.

Thanks, the colors were actually inspired by the two lightning looking pieces on the Storm Blaster. Otherwise I would've done white and trans-blue. =P (something like that anyway)

The colors are interesting, but the legs are a mess. I recommend fixing them. I was amazed at how much better my MOCs were when I went back to them and revised.

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The MOC is pretty well made. I'm a big fan of the colour scheme, it works very well!

cool shoulder pads

The different colored armor pieces on the upper legs look a bit weird to me

Its supposed to look like energy/lightning is going through his body, hence is arm and upper leg armor being different colors. =P

Yeah, when I was revamping this MOC I didn't really change the legs much, so if I make a V3 (and i will eventually) the legs would look WAY better. Dunno what V3 would look like right now though. =P

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Noice. :smile: Keep up the good work.

Pretty cool looking. I would recommend finding another shell for the lower legs.

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I plan on doing that whenever I make V3. =P

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The colors and asymmetry actually really work for this MOC. It looks like actual lightning. I also love how vibrant the whole thing looks. It goes with the sets well and overall looks really nice. Great job!

Very good, very good.