Amiktaz and Kummora: the insects

Amiktaz is a mantis creature born after a science test on rahkshii and vahki fusion failed horribly causing energy waves that would evolve this creature to a much smarter and stronger stage, he soon developed a strange language that could not be interpreted by enemies or evil creatures.

(Yes I know the build is disgusting) his gaze of fear can paralyse his enemies, his claw can break through bones and metals with relative ease, his saw blade head can saw through anything and he is an extremely good strategist.

The problem is that no one can understand him, so he taught his language to a friend who would be his translater, this would be his friend kummora whose name meant "king of spiders" in his own language (and no he is not a giant spider, he's actually a tarantula)

He's not just a translator though, he has powerful venomous bites that could kill you instantly or just put you in crippling pain depending on who you are, is very agile, can shot high pressure web fluid out his mouth which can be normal, acidic or electric, can crawl on any or every surface and he has an amazingly British accent.


These look decent but I've noticed that you're improving although there is still room for improvement
Overall good job keep up the great progress :slight_smile:


This looks pretty cool.

Kamacuras? a giant mantis in Godzilla movies, you should´ve called the spider Kumonga to make that connection stronger lol

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The second one is better, to
My eyes at least. The colors are a little wacky, but if it is due to lack of pieces I understand

I thought it was the name of a beast quest character, after remembering its name was amictus I immediately regretted what I named him, I'll change them later.:joy:

Tarantulas are spiders.


Kind of but not really, they're basically the same just hairier and bigger (also don't show a picture of one to prove yourself right, I know what they look like and they're terrifying)

They are spiders though...

Anyways, onto the mocs. The first one isn't bad, but the spider shouldn't have a head, and the back should be bigger.

Still got a ways to go but these are really good. The mantis could use some covering though and the spider looks like a scorpion with the head and that random blade at the back.

Getting better and better.

I would have to say kummora is slightly better in terms of the build, while kamikuraz is better in terms of the color scheme. It's good to see that you have continued to improve your moccing ability

These guys are pretty cool. Although the worst one could use some work maybe try out a different head. The 2nd guy is better in my opinion. Good job!

It's fun to watch you improve at this. Over all pretty decent job on the bottom one. The top one fails to covey the insect vibe to me however. Remember to keep up the good work!