Ammonoidea fictum

I amnoidea… (╯_╰)


Spectacular job! Everything about this MOC works.


Nautiluses are some of my favorite animals, so I would love this anyways. But everything just looks so good! The moc flows fantastically.

This… This is flawless…
The use of the lever bases as eyes is genius.

Just as all of your other builds, the creative usage of parts is stunning and gives a whole new perspective on how parts can be used.

I love the Cthulhu-esque style of this MOC.

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That shell is great… I might use a design similar to it in the future…

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Fantastic! Such a creative usage of the skull villain armor piece.

I can easily imagine this creature making a meep meep noise.

Absolutely amazing use of the Skull armor.

So, how did you layer it like that?

You need to show us how the shell is built!

o_o this is perfect. the skull villain armour edges even look like suture lines.

It looks so cute… i want one

The Nautilus is my favorite sea creature, so I was going to like this regardless, but this is amazing, extremely well done.

Brilliant use of parts, its really awesome

You…made a nautilus. I love this and you for making it.
Brilliant work as always!

What a lovely nautilus. Please don’t eat me.

This is just perfect.

Skull armor nautilus. 10/10, 'nuff said.

No, seriously, this is great.

I am in absolute love with this. The Nautilus is my favorite sea creature, and I’m so happy to see that someone has made one here! :smiley: