With the finale of season 2 finally airing, I thought it would be a good idea to make a topic to discuss the show. The show definitely started to hit its stride this past season after doing a good chunk of character development in season 1. All I can say is man, I can’t wait for season 3


Despite being a massive animation fan myself, I never understood the appeal of Disney channel shows like this. The animation looks cheap, and there doesn’t seem to be any continuity-driven story for me to get invested in.
I don’t know, I might be in a minority here, but the only animated shows I watch are those that get me interested in what is going to happen next. Those “adventure of the day” type shows never really resonated with me.


I think it’s a good show. True Colors was great!

@LegoDavid There is an overarching story though.
I guess I can see where you’re coming from about the animation, but the show definitely has moments where the animation quality is upped.

There are also moments in Suicide Squad with good acting.

Yes, that’s an incredibly contrived example, I promise to do better in the future, here’s my youtuber apology video

And sure there may be an overarching story, but if that isn’t the main focus, it absolutely may seem like it’s adventure of the day in its format. Which I’m not against, but I’ve found you really can’t have it both ways; a compelling narrative and also an episode-by-episode formula akin to Spongebob. You have both, you either entirely ignore one or you try to run them at the same time and it gets really messy.

Now there are some shows that have pulled that off, and if I were to direct an animated series I’d attempt to try both at the same time coughBionicleIliadcough. But Amphibia is clearly prioritizing here.

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spoiling the whole episode. I didn’t like the Sahsa realising that Andrias was evil and the trying to “save” Anne and Marcy. It felt… rushed? Maybe they didn’t have enough episodes and had to keep plot going. idk.

Otherwise finale and previous episodes were 10/10. King let go of the charade and went full colonel Muska with his Laputa inspired robots. Animation was pure saguga at times. I liked the twist with Marcy her motivation was good.

I have become a fan and now I wait for season 3. opening looks promising. I hope they deal the trope “hiding my magical x from my parents” in one episode.


Yeah, I think the finale did try to pack a bit too much into it even though it was extended to 24 minutes. If it had gotten the full 30 minutes that issue could have been resolved but who knows

In regards to season 3, I really have no clue exactly where they’re going with it, but I’m excited all the same

Also, I would spoiler tag parts of the finale discussion along with the last sentence given the finale hasn’t even officially been out for 36 hours yet


I think I found what bothered me about the first half of the finale

As previously mentioned I didn’t like Sasha for reasons I couldn’t put into words. I think I now can. I think her part was not rushed. I think my problem rises with how it affected her character arc.

Sasha’s character arc seems to be to realise she has been a toxic/domineering friend to Anne and Marcy. She goes through with her way and loses more and more her friends old and new.

I think her finding out that King being evil and trying to stop Anne makes her “heroic” character. Therefore giving her justification and reason to think her way was the correct way. Instead of the opposite.

Season 3 opening makes her look that she is now on the side of heroes. I think there should be one more step where she regrets her decisions more.

edit: I do like Sasha as a charater, don’t get me wrong. I think her arc dipped a little during finale

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Season 2 of Amphibia is officially out on Disney+ today, so if you haven’t been able to watch it on cable, now’s your chance


Let’s gooooooooo!

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Reviving this topic, as we’re basically in the endgame now. Even though there hasn’t been any official confirmation of the show ending, we’ve likely only got 6 episodes left (with the last episode seeming to be 3 full-length episodes in one) until the show ends, which is kind of crazy to think about. In terms of what has happened since this topic died, I thought Season 3A was pretty good, although I saw a good chunk of criticism towards it, due to how these people felt it basically slid back into the more calm first half of the season formula that Season 1 and 2 had, which felt to them like a bit of tonal whiplash after all that happened in True Colors and that there was barely any mention of what happened to Sasha and Marcy aside from the letters Anne wrote at the end of the Christmas special. Honestly, I can kind of see their point, but I don’t feel like it hindered the show too much to me


I want the rest of season 2B

I haven’t watched any of the new episodes since the hiatus ended :skull:

there are only like five new ones

Episodes come in pairs though, so it’s over 10

But the thing is that each pair of two is twenty minutes. If you sit down and watch them on one sitting, it’ll only take you a bit more than an hour and a half.

There have been thirteen 22 minute pairs and one 30 minute special, putting it at around 5.2 hours

I’ll catch up gradually in the next week or two though

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you haven’t seen any of season 3

I’ve seen season 3A, not season 3B

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So spoilers ahead for the hardest thing, if ya don’t like that stuff just scroll to some other post.

So… WOAH. To start off, I really like how the theme of change and growth corresponds with frogs metamorphosizing and wraps up nicely here. Though the episode could have benefitted from a few extra minutes of run time (the beginning sequence where the trio all get calamity powers is a bit rushed) the pacing is generally smooth. Speaking of the calamity powers *OH MY GOSH MARCY HAS A D20 AS HER WEAPON AAAAAAAAAAAAA SHE SAID NAT 20 AAAAAAAAAAA!!!1
Excuse me, I seem to have gotten a bit excited there, but really, the sequence where the girls fight the moon is really well animated, and the cover of “No Big Deal” adds a nice touch. I do wish that Anne using all three stones had been talked about earlier, as it feels a bit phoned in, but everything else with Anne is great. The reveal of the stone deity makes sense, and the way that she comes back to life feels deserved. Now about that ending. Oh that sweet, sweet ending.
So Polly gets a body and hair, Sprig seems to be making a journal off of Anne’s phone, sorta like Leif did, and everyone important is in Wartwood. This is nice and all, but where are the important people, the calamity trio!?
So it turns out that ten years later, people are debating if the invasion was real, Marcy is still Marcy, Sasha is bi and works with kids (according to a sticker on her car) and Anne works at an aquarium, where she’s showing s group of kids a pink frog that she named Sprig. How cute.
EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention, it was ten years since they returned home, and it was Anne’s birthday, so that means that the girls were in Amphibia for exactly a year!

Man, that was a good finale. It had me in tears for a few minutes afterward Also, having the characters end up around the same age as me after the flashback felt kinda weird

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