Amusing/annoying game glitches

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There was one time I was playing Piraka Attack from Biomediaproject on a library computer within the past one or two years.I was playing as Zaktan and got to the first level of the second stage.I had gotten all the Matoran except for one Piruk,but when I shot it,it respawned from one of the doors.I couldn’t move on,and every time I shot Piruk,he came back from that same door.After a short while I got out of the game.It wasn’t until later that I made a connection of that glitch with Doctor Strange.I even made a doodle of Piruk saying, “Zaktan,I’ve come to bargain”.

Also,once in a while playing LEGO Star Wars 2 a character would become stiff but still move.I’ve had it happen with a stormtrooper lying flat on the ground but still scooting around and shooting up at an angle,but it’s more annoying when it happens to the ghost Jedi(except they just stand straight up),since those are some of my favorite characters to play as.

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about half of Skyrim


There’s a glitch that works on the Wii and Xbox versions of Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga where you can become a buggy.
In the Wii version you can actually ride the buggy with a second player.
Basically I find the easiest way to execute the glitch is using two players to keep on switching characters while being next to the buggy and trying to get on it at the same time

Life has this glitch where it wants me to want to die

One time EA Battlefront II has a glitch where my ship wouldn’t show but the pilot droid lasers missiles and fire from the thrusters would show

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Two occurences I discovered that I manage to remember right now. Thing is, glitches were often discovered whenever I happened to play with a friend.

-When I played through Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga with my friend in co-op, on a stage in Episode 1 where you fight two droideka, I somehow managed to fall through the platform into out of bounds. This was something my friend had never encountered. We rebooted and played back to the same spot and somehow I pulled it off again without trying. Third time we were extra careful and we made it through.

-In Lego Racers 2 (PS2), if you keep holding the fire button while shooting a drill missile, you can stay stuck to the drill and get dragged along so long as you hold the button down or the missile explodes, essentially getting a temporary speed boost in a straight line. The trick can also be used to get underwater, something I liked to do on the Arctic level.

In Battlefront II, after being pushed by a force wielding hero, your character can sometimes get stuck in one place, or better yet, start rolling around on the ground.

You need two player mode for this one:
In Lego Star Wars 3(Clone Wars), if you’re playing as a custom character with a rocket launcher, have the second player go to the character creator and select your custom. Have them swap the rocket launcher to a mini gun.

Oddly, the weapons fuse. The player will now have a rapid fire rocket launcher, which is one of the most OP weapons in the game. You can repeat this with different weapons to get lightsabers with Grappling Hooks, or a blaster with the abilities of a sword.


In Spider-Man PS4, during the first time you play as Miles, there’s a section where he will T-pose. It happened to me on my second play-through. It was hilarious. I’ll have pics later.

There was also a time I got stuck in the spire of the Empire State Building. That one was weird…good thing it’s patched now.

In Overwatch I once got stuck in a chair on Numbani. Couldn’t move no matter what I did, and the chair couldn’t be moved or broken. I had to be killed to get out, and it made my team lose the first point…RIP…

I have a video of that too, I’ll add it later.

When in Battlefront I’m shooting at a guy, but not doing any damage.

oh, and it’s so laggy that he looks like he is teleporting around.

maybe more lag…

Sounds to me like a ping issue.

Same as if you just die randomly.

That’s what I’m told.


can’t really think about any other glitches, my games are usually pretty good about that.

That happened to me too! Did you manage to get out of the Building?

A few years back, I was playing TRON Evolution: Battle Grids for the Nintendo Wii with someone else and a funny glitch went off.

We were playing against 2 CPU opponents on a Light Runner Battle arena and I was against a wall. One of the CPU attacks, likely me getting rammed, sent me beyond the boundary and into the wall behind me. And I was still visible on the minimap but outside it.

The two CPU opponents just sat in front of me but they couldn’t hit me no matter how much they fired their weapons and I was able to shoot at them from inside the wall and deal damage somehow. I eventually drove out and back into the arena because, while hiding in a corner like that is fun, it wasn’t fair play if I kept camping in that spot.

I laughed so hard when it happened and I had tried to repeat the glitch several times and haven’t had any luck in doing so.

A second glitch that can be done is when on a particular Light Runner battle map where there are launch bays, a person can stay inside the bay somehow. I don’t recall how but I want to say it either has something to do with slamming the brake and/or jumping at the right time before the game tries to hurl you into the arena.


Oh that game is pretty fun.

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It is. Especially when playing with at least one other person. The story mode is fun and adds some nice lore to the world of the TRON series and is one of the few games I’ve actually completed start to finish; I think I’ve completed story mode at least twice, each time using a different character.

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I don’t think of bugs as glitches. They’re just unanticipated features.


Uhhh, which one? :laughing:

In Transformers Earth Wars, the characters you’ve collected will walk about your base, and sometimes transform to move faster.

However, sometimes the movement action will play without the transformation, which creates the amusing image of an jet bot jumping from one end of the base to the other, with a comically sped up walk animation.


Sonic 06.

Harnessing the power of that game makes it so much more fun.

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I actually tried playing that through at my friend’s once. Couldn’t continue when I got stuck at some lava level. There’s a spot where you’re supposed to run on the wall, but the game refused to trigger the wallrun (just my luck to break a game), so I kept falling into lava. I think it was part of Shadow’s campaign.