An abandoned G3 fanfic for your (non-)enjoyment

Some time ago, I attempted to begin a sorta-kinda novelization of my own G3 concept. I lost steam after the start of the rising action due to the realization that I didn’t actually know how to proceed. One thing led to another, and as of right now, my current plans for this project–which I may never get around to actually realizing–have changed dramatically. Character arcs, story structure, and lore are all completely different from what they are herein.

That said, as much as I don’t really like what I have so far, I’ve kept it around because it’s proven useful to me. It’s helped me to nail down how I intend to write these characters, what kinds of themes I want to pursue with Bionicle, and how I feel G3 should be approached in general.

With this in mind, I have elected to present what I have to you lot. It’s like 30k words, I think, so it’s not a quick read; but, if you’d like to provide some feedback, I won’t object, though I’ll say right now that I already see a lot of flaws with the structure and exposition as they are. Still, I think some opinions on what’s here and where I’ve gone wrong so far can help me do better with whatever I end up making in the future.

It’s a .zip file, so you’ll have to download and extract it. If interested, feel free to check it out. I don’t intend to pursue this “novelization” format going forward, should I go forward at all, but it was worth a shot.


That’s only like 100 pages for most books, right?

I’d definitely encourage you to keep writing tho, And I’ll definitely get around to reading it.

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