An easy solution to the leg problem

I don't see too many being in sets, until the civil war.

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if the toa used woody legs, the sets would have to be larger to be in scale with the toa, which could increase the part count in structures, possibly increasing the price

Meh. I don't really care

Things can be pricey anyways.

take for example ninjago city, if the mini figures used long legs each story would need to have extra lair of bricks to accommodate their height. So now a set costing 300$ would cost 300$.

but kids saving up to buy sets would

I don't get it, why are we thinking this deeply into this?

because woody legs are the bane of my existence /s

That doesn't answer the question. It dodged it, but didn't answer it.


Forgetting about someone?

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The sets can still include matoran even if story wise they would all be frozen in time. We can't just use the Toa and Rahkshi to fill sets minifigure quota.

Woody legs and arms would be good for Kaita fusions if they ever introduced them back.

The color difference is more than enough to differenciate main characters from important, side characters, and regular citizens.

I kind of feel Kaita fusions are cool set wise but don't really make sense story-wise.

They currently dont have a fit in the story but given a bit of nudge for it, they could.

My main issue with it is that it's just kind of a weird idea having three guys becoming this one being. We don't know if this being is a separate entity, or just controlled by all three of the Toa at once, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it reminds me more of Power Rangers than anything else.

I would concept Kaita as Steven Universe fusions, where you can have a fusion of two or more Toa. It gives you a lot of combinations worthy of a minifigure series. Would make a new use of the Garmadon four arms concept as well as possible new concepts for minifigure limb add ons.

At least thats how I would reimage the Kaita without doing some large mech what nots.

This is going a bit off topic. Let's discuss this here instead:

I seem to remember the cast struggling to come up with colors for each tribe that didn't look similar to each other.

If I remeber it they didnt say it officially they are using shorter legs directly on the podcast in the newer ones at least (All I see and how it was presented that they were leaning more towards same leg lengh and solutions for that) . Their decisions go back and forth with this. At this point its tiresome to even talk about this anymore. Its ether they stick with one idea and just find solutions for it as they would if they picked the other choice...otherwise they are just wasting valuable time they could have used for some more productive things. Cut with a clear decision and stick with it.

I realize this, I was just pointing out how the limited Lego color palate can be difficult to differentiate the tribes from each other, as well as from their respected Toa. There was a point in that linked podcast that they discussed this.

Agreed. I think they are expecting a solution similar to the mask debate, but the difference here is that the height difference does not add much to the plot. Nor do a similar height. It's just which one works better for Bionicle in system form design-wise. Therefore I think it could really go either way. It just depends on how they want this imaginary line of toys to be done.

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As mentioned earlier, using the Nexo Mini-bots make the Matoran and the Toa look too different. They are supposed to be an upgraded form of the same species, not something separate.

I don't mind these discussions being dragged out, I only mind them being brought up every podcast.


Okay, I haven't been on the site for about 2 months (If you're wondering why, let's just say that I've been busy) and by the time I came back this topic had exploded. Well, in replies at least. I thought this discussion was over XD

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