An older code

Ok, quick little bit of explanation/author’s notes to give you an idea of what is going on in this thing.

A while back I made a certain post in which I discussed the idea of a Matoran who didn’t… awaken like everybody else, or at least not in full, and what the would be like to those around them/how they’d develop.

So I was just re-reading it, and suddenly I was hit with this idea for a fic!.. And as you will soon see, I have no real idea how to do ‘computer speech’, even with research!.. So more must be done… eventually!

So little bit of other stuff about my head-canon/how I view all this working.

Basically, from what I’ve known of the Awakening it’s typically shown in two ways, either having them gain sapience basically immediately, or being a slow process of gaining/developing it.

Also, I, in no way at all believe that it was just Velike’s presence that somehow ‘magically’ alerted the minds of every single other denizen of the universe just because he’d put himself into a Matoran body. I see it being more him giving a sort of… update.

Be it either ‘immediate sapience’, or allowing them/himself to slowly develop their sapience is up to whoever. For me, it’s the latter. I see it more being a kind of… adaptive code/update packet he gave them that just altered/opened up/created certain paths in their code that would both allow for them to begin the necessary development, and for the ‘conflictions’ emotions are typically shown requiring/creating in a code based state.

​A failed update

Daily system log # 1000

Date: 1000 A.A.

Designation: Worker #78723

Classification: Fe, metal refinememt and production, GSR plating repair.

Running start-up subroutines

System report: Minor damage to inner antenna. Functioning otherwise optimal. Damage declared low priority. Repairs recommended after running basic ‘GSR function’ routines.

System functioning: Optimal

Update detected! Downloading… Unpacking files… Beginning installation… Scanning for irregularities… Irregularities detec-!

GB authorization code, designation: Velike given.

Overwriting security systems.

Continuing installatio-Error!

Signal lost!

GB authorization code no longer detected!

System has detected multiple instances of incompatible, conflicting, and otherwise uneeded code that will cause severe drop in efficiency of task completion!

Quarantining update files. Beginning removal of installed files.


Installed files cannot be removed without loss of installed sections!

Please give GB authorization code and designation if you wish for this action to otherwise proceed… GB authorization code and designation not received.

Calculating secondary measures to ensure corrupted areas have minimal effect on worker efficiency until systems can be repaired by any authorized entity… Placing limiters on affected areas until code stabilizes and readapts to a level of minimal decrease in system functionality.

Checking system… System functionality remains optimal. Seek out authorized unit, designation: GB for repairs when able.

Completing start-up subroutines.

Booting up systems.

Begin current designated task: Metal refinement

Have a nice day.

A.A. - After Activation

Also yes, expect some… humorous bits in this fic. What can I say? I’m not going for too serious a fic here in the first place, besides, a little bit of humor is typically welcome.


Not bad. Could be neat. I see a few tech speak errors, but only stuff people like me, who have taken classes in Java and C# would pick out.

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