An Orde whom you'd actually miss. By Sargos.

Bringing you a color scheme and figure that is noble, catchy and elegant.

Torso rotates on a pin. i’d put more thought into mace, maybe make it transform into flail, but that’s for later.
Would you vote for him as cannon depiction of Orde?


honestly this is pretty great - i would vote for this
my only ‘gripe’ with it is that it does look a bit to feminine for how i see orde.
this honestly works better as a varian
i do love the purple tho


It’s not necessarily a bad moc…But something about it looks weirdly feminine (which isn’t helped by the extremely thin waist, the “skirt”, the placement of those Slizer feet on the chest). The colour scheme is…interesting, Which is one of the things i do like.

That doesn’t seem like a very good connection, IRL I’m pretty sure that would just flop around, or maybe even fall of entirely.


It’s a 4L pin actually,

do you mean

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That color scheme sure is something, I’ll give you that. The old purple, pearl gold, and medium blue is quite the combination. Also the moc itself is pretty nice. good job

I really like the build, but as @ToaGali416 said, he does look a bit feminine, and the ankles are too long.

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It’s a very 2001 type color scheme, which you rarely see. As other people have said, it’s a very feminine figure (doubly odd since he is the only male Toa of Psionics in the story).

Also, Krana? More like Kra-knees.


cool build, the addition of purple really helps flesh out the colour scheme

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@Hawkflight Maybe toa of psyonics are all femenine in shape… the model wasn’t originally intened as Orde, I was making an original character, but at some point realized that it’s pretty close what I’d imagine a first toa of an element look like, since purple accents add regality and as you said, model looks very 2001ish because of parts used, so it can pass as an ancient character.
Could work well for Varian as too, maybe even better. If I figure out how to attach the wrist-mounted blades.
Recently I really enjoyed limiting myself to only existing larger parts. With custom coloring only a few small technic parts.
Really makes your mind race when you have only 2 larger parts avalible in a rare color.



Here, boader shoulders. does that satify the complain?


I think the feminine interpretation comes from the torso more than the limbs. The Vahki waist and Chima armor pieces form a concave shape resembling an hourglass figure, and the Slizer feet on the torso imply breasts. Part of that is from their placement and downward slope, and the other part is likely that a lot of Female MOCs that incorporate feminine features use a pair of parts as breast armor (with Nuva shoulders as the most infamous example.)

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Very nice colour scheme, but the hoses on the feet look painful.

How do you mean? That they’re bent weird?

Well, yeah, they’re being bent so much they’re clipping the pin.

To be fair, the hoses in clip when they’re connected to anything:



with the angle that these are forced into, they would need to clip through the pin to fit IRL.

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