An Unnamed BIONICLE Reboot Story

This story was dumb, so I removed it.

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Cool story and all but-
where is about location n’ all.
Wear is about actually wearing clothing.

That’s not a chapter mang.

That’s a paragraph.

I just say this because I myself am writing a book, and have also read a lot of books. A full chapter should be at least 5,000 words. My chapters are about eleven pages.

The first BIONICLE books had chapters that were short, particularly Beware the Tahnok</strike through> Bohrok.

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As far as I’m aware, a “part” in a novel usually consists of several chapters

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We’re all glad you fixeded it.

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Evryone’s a cirtic on grammer and speling. (even me, sadly)

Just remember: no one’s perfect.


Those books were intended for younger readers, as we all know that LEGO’s target audience is younger children.

No offense, but you might want to start critiquing yourself (*critic *grammar *spelling *everyone). As long as a post is intelligible, it’s not really relevant. My reply above was intended to be sarcastic and I wasn’t looking to hurt anyone’s feelings. On the internet, one must be mindful of what he says.

If you aren’t careful, others will care for you.

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Kongu, Will’s hypocritical errors were intentional, for the sake of humor. :expressionless:


Not sure how clear it was, but my typos in that post were intentional. As Chro said, it was meant to be a joke, since I, being overly critical of everything I say, would normally never make such glaring typos.

Sorry, should’ve been clearer: Beware the Bohrok had some short chapters, but other chapters were longer, which is why I used it as an example. It had a variation in chapter length.

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