An update on Albus and Viridy (6)

First of, because pretty much everyone complained about it, I need to apologise about the blurry pictures. Here’s why it happened:

  • I have shaky hands
  • My camera’s batteries were dying
  • The lighting was terrible and my camera took forever to take a picture

With that out of the way, on with the show:

Due to lack of criticism, thi update is quite small, but some changes have been made, mostly on Viridy:

I think they’re pretty obvious, so I don’t feel the need to say them.
But there’s been one big improvement over the previous version:

The wings have been changed and actually have a function now; they flap.
Albus on the other hand, recieved a lot less change:

And to spice this update up, I made a sprite of Albus:


These MOCs are pretty cool and have a lot of personality, something a lot of MOCs are lacking these days. Nice mix of new and old parts.

Some tips for taking better pictures:

1- Have a good background

What you have here is fine, a white background would probably be worse for these MOCs, but that white stripe is distracting.

2- Camera settings

This is probably because the camera was set to a longer exposure, which is bad for moving things (or in this case the whole camera)
Look for ISO in your camera’s settings, usually I have mine set to auto, but you may have to change it manually. Smaller numbers are shorter exposure.

3- Lighting

The lighting you have now is usable, but far from perfect. Most of the time you want to use white light, instead of yellow. (you can see what color the light is on the lightbulb box) If you don’t have white light you can color correct it afterwards, or use natural light. I currently have a lightbox setup, with desk lamps shining from the left and right, this way no heavy shadows are cast.


Thanks for that, I’ll keep it in mind.

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