An Update on Albus and Viridy (7)

Albus has recieved quite an update:

(not 100% sure what that’s called, but whatever)
Previously seen on the concept art and sprite, it’s now on the MOC itself.

It’s quite bulky at the moment, but it doesn’t get in the way of posability much, which is good.
And because I forgot last time,

The Gauntlet.

Not much to say here.

But I haven’t just update Albus, I also made a new character!

I haven’t thought of a name yet, so I need some help here. If it helps, albus and viridi mean white and green in latin. Yes, I know, very original.

Group Pic:

Let me know what you think.


I like the new one a lot, it looks very cyber-punk. Looks like something out of real steel. Nice :+1:

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The guy with the Rau is very messy, but it’s okay. Albus could use some more lower leg armor, but I really like the System usage here.

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LOOOL! Albus is the white one, right? Well, in my language ALB(us) means WHITE.

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The studded skirt doesn’t match with the rest of the textures on Albus. Viridy is a mess, honestly. I like what you are trying to do, but it looks like you are trying to do too much at once on Albus and too little with Viridy.

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I was aiming for a more samurai look, but I’m ok with Cyber-punk (even though I don’t know what that means)
I’ll try my best to clean him up, I don’t have a lot of parts.
I’ll try my best to do something about that.


You were pointing out the obvious, where I specifically said where I got that name;[quote=“BBLIR, post:1, topic:34755”]
albus and viridi mean white and green in latin
in a very childish way.
Sorry for being rude.
Anyway, what language do you speak?

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I don’t read the topic yet.
I speak Romania, a language derived from latin.