Anahera, Manipulator of Electricity

Hello everyone! This is the final version of the MOC featured in my 2 prior WIP topics. It's come a Long way, with the help of all of you who gave me critiques. Thanks so much!
Now I present to you, Anahera. Or, simply known as "Anah".

Click Here to see the MOC in it's earlier stages.

Anah has the ability to manipulate and generate electricity, and is a skilled fighter. This makes her an important asset for Splinter, a clan of outcasts under the leadership of The Nameless One.

Her weapons of choice include:

A dagger she keeps with her at all times...

A sword...

And a boomarang.

All of these weapons are metal and can be infused with electricity she generates. Fact of the matter is, she is obsessed with metal. The "wings" on her back were something she saw at a shop and blatantly stole them, because, you guessed it, they were metal.

After having been kicked out of her home town because of her criminal activity, she was found by The Initiator, and was welcomed into Splinter.
What her original name was? Unknown. But, she gave herself the name "Anahera", which is Maori for "Angel" when she joined Splinter.

A few more pictures to boot:

Let me know how you like this MOC, if you want.
Have a good day! :grinning:


Yay! :smile: @prpldragon


She's better, I"ll give ya that.


@Pot8o That's actually what I was going for, but ended up going with what it is now.

Definitely the best version of the three. Nice work!

the green is an interesting color. personally i think it goes well with the rest of the moc, almost looks like some of the copper armor corroded over.

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That's a good colour scheme.

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Love the mask color. It makes the moc.

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something about the waist section feels off to me
like its not bulky enough

maybe use the shovel claw pieces as a battle skirt esc thing

Very nice.

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That's quite the unique color scheme, it fits the MOC well.

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The best version so far. The colors blend well and you can practically feel the sass just by looking. Great work!

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