Ander, Toa of Darkflame

This is my self-moc. I’ve actually had this built for a long time, but I didn’t post him because I couldn’t think of a good title for his element. He’s basically a toa of fire that through some accident gained the involuntary ability to make any fire he controls turn blue. (Not the most original premise, I know.) He’s like Azula from Avatar, but not insane or evil. Anyway, tell me what you think. (Yes, I know the painted mask needs work😜)


Well, the biggest problem are the shoulders being too wide and the neck being too long. Otherwise it’s a good start

Aside from the neck being a bit too long and the short arms, he looks pretty good

@OmegaTahu Thanks!
@BioKnight Thanks! It seems like the neck is going to be a common thread here.

ek neck check

The shoulders are a bit broad, and the shoulders are painfully exposed,
The upper legs are awkward looking, and the back of the lower legs is strange.

This is a pretty neat MOC! Especially love the colorscheme. Decent job here. I’d just lengthen the arms slightly.

Cool design. Love the blue Noble Miru.

I like the sword, but the chest seems oddly shaped to me.

u hush now, boi


Not sure what to think about it. Neck is WAY too long, the arms are significantly shorter than they should be, and he’s got a bad case of T-orso.

Also, the legs look a little too cobbled together to me. Could use some smoothing out.

Otherwise he’s not half bad. Simple, but pretty alright.

Sword is also :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the comments! I’ll work on fixing it up a bit.

Basically everything has already been said, theres no reason for you to add the extender to the neck at all, the arms are a tad too short, the torso is a big T and its very simply built, the back of the legs look too far out, and the upper legs aren’t very impressive.

Well fire can change color based on the chemicals burning in it.

The friction adder in the neck seems to be the source of those complaints. Maybe try removing that?

Unless of course you have some special purpose for it being there.

Also try adding a few coats of blue to the mask since the color doesn’t match the rest. But don’t layer too much or the paint will gunk up the details.

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Ok, I’m going to adress this neck thing. I think it looks better. Here it is without the extender:

That just doesn’t look right to me. It puts his ‘mouth’ below his shoulders, if you view the mask as the face. Without the mask, it’s another story. I think it looked so long because I took the picture from a low angle. Here it is from a better one: Long story short, I feel like the extender makes it look more human. That being said I may just have a skewed concept of neck length.
@AwesomeJoel27 I know chemicals can change the color of fire, but toa generate their element out of thin air, right? So what would be burning? That seems a bit too complicated for this.
Edit: Aaaaannnnndddd the first pic is sideways. I hate taking pictures from my phone.

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Except it clearly doesn’t in the photo, it looks much better, of course the shape of the torso doesn’t help either way, but the neck is too long.

Fire burns different colors based on the heat, blue fire is a thing, it’s basically the hottest flames.

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The chemical it also generates out of thin air.

Might be completely wrong here, but doesn’t fire turn green when it burns copper? That kinda thing.

I’m pretty sure sulfur makes blue fire. Don’t quote me on that. But then, would it be ‘toa of burning sulfur?’ That seems oddly specific. Man, the perfect way to ruin the concept of elementals is to think of the details, lol.

Nah fam, blue fire happens naturally as a result of extreme heat. For example, notice how the bottom of the flames on candles and stoves are blue.


I think it’s a situation of the sulfur burning hot enough to make it blue.

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So ander has super charged elemental energy, heating his flames to the point of being blue,
No chems required.


Yeah, pretty much.