Angel, Serana, Lothraak, Zaries

First of I am really sorry about the twisted Pictures and for your neckache.
So These here are my Versions of Lothraak(i hope thats who he is written) and Zaries from ManiaMac1613. And Zaries Daughter and his Daughters boyfriend Angel.
I biuld those Mocs a while ago and wanted to share a view funny and cool Pictures of them.

As they dont appear in my Soryline i dont Need to make the POWER stuffso yeah have fun on these


Just upload them to Imgur or Flickr, then link them here.

Anyways, the mocs seem pretty basic. But the weapons seem pretty interesting.


Their good, but to be honest and not to offend you, I like the original ones better


These are 4 seperate Mocs right? To be honest all I see is new heads on the same bodies.

That is Zerek Zay???

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Ähhh Yes
Zerec Zeye in Person and as funny as ever

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