Angels and Demons: The Fall

Hamael stared down at her broken hammer, before looking back up at the blacksmith and speaking.
“Before, I had wielded a hammer. It was a blunt instrument, capable of smashing and crushing anything in its way. But now I realize, that is not the only solution; for my hammer was also dull because of its bluntness. And so, I request that the other side of Skullbreaker not be the head of a hammer, but rather the blade of an axe. So that my mind may be sharper, and I can both crush and hack my enemies all the same.”
With that, Hamael handed her weapon to the blacksmith, along with the shards of the shattered side of the hammer so that they could be melted back down.

Michael grinned, flapping his wings as he playfully gave chase to Gabriel. For a moment, he was taken back, back to the old days when all the angels were still young. Back when Michael did not have to worry about his responsibilities over The Council of Life as The Grand Seraphim’s son. Those were much simpler, happier times.

Auriel hesitated for a moment, before saying what she wanted to.
“You had asked me why I was worried for your safety. Well, it was because I…I…I love you…” she blushed beneath her hood, although Cassiel would he unable to see it.

Errapel and Raphael were both astounded, but moreso was Raphael.
“My, you really are talented Ryen. Even most angels would require several mortal lifetimes to have such a degree of mastery over the healing arts.”

Ryen smiled.
“I’ve been training for a long time.” she said, her cheeks blushing slightly.

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The Artisan glanced at the broken weapon as Hamael spoke. “I’ll see what I can do.” The Artisan spoke after Hamael finished talking. With that, he turned around and walked inside the blazing forge as he began construction on the weapon.

Varmiel calmly placed a hand on Hamael’s shoulder. “Come, let’s relax in the Park or something.” He said. “It may take a while until they finish re-forging your weapon.” He spoke as he lifted his hand from her strong shoulder and walked away.

Gabriel smirked as she flew with her back against the clouds, as her wings flapped them away and the cloud would explode in different pieces in a puff. “You’re slow, Michael.” She said playfully as she crossed her arms. “Are you really going to be lazy with me today?” She asked as she crossed her arms and closed her eyes. Gabriel tilted her chin slightly upwards and humphed at him as she visibly slowed down, perhaps this was the best time for him to catch her as she flew there in one place, slightly disappointed at him but, of course, it was all in good fun. She just wanted to get his mind off of things.

The Dark Archangel glanced at her, confused as he tilted his head towards his right. She mentioned that he asked her earlier before the battle, why she was so worried about his safety. Cassiel was silent at that moment as she began to stutter slightly as she said she loved him. “Auriel…~” He spoke in a soft tone as he brought his right hand towards her face. He would cup her cheek as he pressed his body against hers. Auriel would feel his left-hand rest against her waist before he brought it up in a caressing way. His fingers slightly held her hoodie as he was going to bring it down, so that he could see her face.


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“Well, you certainly are quite remarkable.” Raphael remarked. “You are a highly valuable asset in these trying times.”

Donatello summoned for Daemonium.

The demon appeared before Donatello with a bow.
"What is it, my Lord?" he asked

“Thanks.” Ryen said. “It’s nice to be helpful again.”

“…Very well, brother…” Hamael reluctantly said as they began walking away.

Michael grinned slyly.
“Not if I have anything to say about it!” He declared, as he began to flap his wings harder and fly faster.

A stifled gasp choked out of Auriel’s throat as she grabbed Cassiel’s hand, stopping him from pulling her Hood down. She then sighed in disappointment. Not to Cassiel, but to herself.
“I-I’m sorry. I can’t show you. Not now…”

“Anyways, we should probably meet the others in the palace’s main hall, shouldn’t we?” Errapel said to Raphael and Ryen, as she headed off to meet up with the other Angels.

“I have special orders for you.” Donatell said to Daemonium.

Deamonium listened.

Varmiel walked into the Park and sat down on a bench, relaxing for the moment as he glanced at the big tree in the middle of everything.

Gabriel chuckled as she let herself fall, she had a small grin on her face as she was dive-bombing until she flapped her wings and flew away. She had to keep two steps ahead of Michael, or he may have an opportunity to catch her…

Cassiel sighed softly as he withdraws his hand back to himself. “I understand.” He said as he stepped away and turned around, his eyes staring not the ground. “Thanks for coming by.”

Michael swiftly followed Gabriel’a movements, piercing the sound barrier with a sonic boom as he flew downward.

Hamael admired the golden tree. The sight help to calm her, soothing her rage of only for a fleeting moment.

Auriel silently sighed, as she left.

Ryen followed her.

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