Angels and Demons: The Fall

“I may have to agree with Uriel here.” Auriel replied.
“As far as I can tell, Cassiel is more of a help than he is potentially a harm.”

Michael shook his head slowly. “My concern- my fear, is that Cassiel will lose himself in this power that he possesses. What if he becomes corrupted too, just like our fallen brothers The Xir’algath?”

“Perhaps…” Raziel murmured, peering into a metaphysical veil beyond Lunael’s range of sight. He did not say anything further.

The Xir’algath’s body was split clean in half at the waist by Varmiel’s move.
At that moment, both halves of the Xir’algath charged towards Varmiel on their own.

The Xir’algath was indeed split in half. But then those two halves snaked along the ground and slithered up from behind Cassiel.


The Xir’algath was staggered by Ryen’s staff, and he again swung at her with his other arm.


All the Xir’algath within the range of Docilus’ staff shrieked, as they were blinded by an immensely bright light.

Ryen summoned a fireball and slung it at the Xir’algath.

Docilus used the opportunity and slayed them one by one.

Nathaniel nods slightly because he did agree with Michael. “You have the right to feel concerned and fear about Cassiel’s well being.” He said with a genuine tone. “But, you and Cassiel don’t get well with each other…just leaving you two alone in a room is a huge risk to take.” He mentioned, crossing his arms as Gabriel and Uriel glanced at Michael because the last time Cassiel and Michael were alone, it didn’t end well. “I understand there may be some competition but if it’s any consolation…Cassiel hasn’t shown any sign of going to the dark side.”

Lunael nods. “Well…I’ll be in my headquarters.” He said as he stepped out of the room, into the balcony as he flapped his wings and flew off.

“It won’t make a difference, I’ll take you all on!” Varmiel declared as he flew towards the Xir’algath and slashed with his Starbreaker at his head before turning towards the other one. As he would send a blast of primordial energy towards him.

Cassiel turned around, he slammed his Soulbreaker into the ground, while his handheld onto the hilt of the Blade. His left hand rose up and suddenly from the ground, within the deeps of hell. Hellfire would burst out at them.


“Perhaps, but if there is one thing that I have learned, it is that nothing is every Absolute.”

The blast of Primordial Energy engulfed the Xir’algath, succesfully killing it.

The Xir’algath hissed as he was burned by the hellfire, but it only served to temporarily stun him. Soon, he resumed charging towards Cassiel.


The Xir’algath was struck in the chest by the fireball and knocked onto the ground.

Ryen shoved her staff towards the Xir’algath’s face.

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“Not for Cassiel…” Nathaniel said in Cassiel’s defense.

Varmiel rose his Starbreaker as he yelled triumphantly. “Let my name be known across space and time!!” He declared, as in a blink of an eye he flew in the sky towards a large group of Xir’algath. He swung his blade which released a large wave of energy that would crack the ground slightly in half and doing so, killing some of them.

Israfel rose his palm and had it wide open, as the sun above them would shoot a sunlight beam into Israfel’s hand. The solar energy would transform into a sunlight spear, as he held it with a tight grip. His feet proceeded to charge while throwing the sunlight spear into the large group of Xir’algath. The spear would penetrate the ground and would let out a solar explosion while Israfel was hovering mid-air, taking his Solis Hammer out before bashing it on the ground. The impact of the Hammer caused for a solar shockwave to burn any Xir’algath near him.

Cassiel glanced at the charging Xir’algath before pointing with the Soulbreaker from the tip of the blade the chaotic energy called Xalnergy came out, disbursing in a chaotic and destructive way towards the enemy.

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All of these attacks would be successful in destroying the Xir’algath that were hit.
However, something began to happen.

On the horizon, Archangel Donatello could see a mounting army approaching, a large black chaotic mass. His eyes widened with shock.

“No.” He whispered under his breath.

The Xir’algath caught the staff with his fist, grinning widely. He then began stomping forward, pushing the other end of the staff towards Ryen’s face.

Ryen tilted her head, avoiding the end of the staff.
The end of the staff the Xir’algath was holding would suddenly superheat, the white wood glowing a bright orange.

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Archangel Cassiel, Varmiel, and Israfel flew towards Donatello as they watched the upcoming black chaotic mass which was the Xir’algath army. Cassiel and Israfel were a bit wary but Varmiel laughed as his wings flapped. “YES!!” He calls out. “More enemies to slaughter. This day keeps getting better and better!” While other Angels would show exhaustion by now, Varmiel didn’t seem to be exhausted. He was fit and ready to fight once again.

“Varmiel…” Cassiel calls. “I don’t think it is wise to…~”

Varmiel rose his Starbreaker and let out a war cry. “Angels! Follow me!!” He ordered as he flew up in the sky, his blade was charging as he was nearing himself towards the army.

Israfel glanced at Cassiel. “He is not doing what I think he is…right?” He asked.

Cassiel simply glanced at him and didn’t say anything as he looked back forward, muttering something under his breath.

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The Xir’algath hissed in pain as his hands were cooked by the staff. He moved his hands away, and slapped one of them at Ryen’s face.


Donatello reluctantly charged into battle beside Varmiel and Israfel and the other breakers.

“Docilus, are you ready to take them on?” Donatello asked Docilus as the Xir’algath charged towards the angels.

Ryen was struck by the hand, a cut flashing across her otherwise clean cheek. She gasped in pain and stepped back, before twirling her staff and swinging it at the alien in front of her.

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“That’s…Why I’m here.” He said as he launched a beam of light at the charging Xir’ Algath.

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Varmiel certainly was on a frenzy as his almost very barbaric laughs would burst out of his mouth while he was slashing through the Xir’algath with his Starbreaker. He felt the thrill, he loved it, the adrenaline, the sound of his blade slicing, dicing and piercing through the Xir’algath. It so satisfying and pleasing to his ears. This was his music, the cries and the Xir’algath flesh being cut in half by his sword was enough motivation for him to go on.

His angel wings were burning with the holy flames of the Council of Life, he was spinning around with his right arm spread out from his chest, as it was holding Starbreaker. His spin severed several Xir’algath heads. Varmiel would thrusts the blade inside the ground and a sudden burst of energy beneath them would explode. His wings would throw fire feathers at the upcoming Xir’algath, he seemingly made it look easy.

If Varmiel was the more barbaric one of the group, certainly Cassiel was the opposite with his gracious and elegant fighting style. He didn’t go on a frenky spree but rather maintained a clear mind of emotion. His Soulbreaker would slice Xir’algath in half, absorbing their soul and Xalnergy, while he was facing off the enemy his mind was at work, multitasking. He wondered if they were able to win this fight…as they’ve been fighting for days literal days without any breaks.

They needed a push but how long will they last? Certainly if they had the other High Archangels with them…

Before he could think any further Israfel was trying to change the tied in their own favor. His feet weren’t even touching the ground as he hovered about towards the Xir’algath, one by one he used his Hammer to slam them into submission. He couldn’t give up now, he needed to continue, he needed to push forward, with everything he has left. Suddenly there is a raging cry that escaped Israfel’s mouth. With his hands on the hilt the Hammer started to spin its gears inside and summon the solar energy of the sun, electric discharges began surrounding it as he slammed the Hammer on the ground. The explosion was so great that it started a massive crater with a large blast radius.

And thus the battle continued on…

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The Xir’algath’s jaw cracked as his head was jerked to the side by Ryen’s staff. In a fit of rage, the Xir’algath ejected Bone Spikes at Ryen.


A large Xir’algath charged towards Docilus, slashing a large jagged blade at him.

Although things seemed to go well at first, all the angels soon began to find themselves outnumbered and increasingly overwhelmed by the Xir’algath.

The blade tore apart a shoulder armor pad. Docilus spun his spear back at him.

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Cassiel was the first to notice as he silently flew towards Donatello. “Donatello…” He speaks as he looked at him. “We are getting increasingly outnumbered and overwhelmed.” He said. “What do you propose we should do…?” He asked.

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Ryen staggered backward and spun her staff, blocking most of the spikes. A few of them grazed her arms, making her wince in pain. One of them impaled her shoulder and she cried out, immediately placing her hand over the wound. Her magic began its work, healing the wound.

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The Xir’algath succeeded in blocking the spear.

While Ryen was occupied with healing herself, the Xir’algath took advantage of the opportunity to catch her off guard and attempted to slash at her with his blade once again.

Donatello glared with fury at the stampeding Xir’algath before and all around him. He was not about to let himself lose to the likes of them.
So, without saying a word, Donatello charged further into the army, viciously hacking away at the onslaught of Xir’algath with Luxtrum. He seemed to have had the upper hand in combat at first, but soon more and more Xir’algath were coming at him, from all angles.

Hamael was breaking a sweat as well, as she attempted to divide her attention amongst attacking 5 different Xir’algath all at once.

Finally, it came to a point where Donatello’s armor - previously shiny and clean only a few minutes prior - was now scuffed, dirty, dented and cracked, and the feathers of his wings were ruffled and creased. On the verge of collapse, Donatello stumbled along the ground in sheer exhaustion.

Helplessly looking down at his blade, Luxtrum, Donatello decided that he had no other choice.
He raised his sword high into the air.

“We are routed! Retreat!” Donatello cried out as loud as he could, so that Docilus, Ryen, Israfel and the Breakers would he able to hear him.

Before he could try to slay the Xir 'Algath again, he heard the retreat signal. He gave an angry grunt and flew out of the battle.