Angels and Demons: The Fall

“He was… wise. He seemed old, but, well, we Maiar age differently.”

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The angel chuckled as she turned to Ryen. “Sounds like you learned well from him.” She said, extending her hand towards the healing wizard.
“I am Errapel, angel of healing.”


“Good evening, Docilus.” He would suddenly hear from Archangel Michael, who entered the laboratory just then.
“I wanted to check on the status of your experiments. Would you care to show me anything you have built?”

“What are your thoughts of Cassiel assuming control over the army?” Raziel asked the other Heavenly Kings later, as they sat together at a table in their Council Chambers.

Meanwhile, Donatello flew through The Multiverse at breakneck speed, carried on his wings by the air.
He did not stop flying, until he had come upon the place he was looking for. It was an endless, dark roiling pit of chaos and destruction. It was the origin point of all darkness and death in The Multiverse. The Chao Umbra the source of Xalnergy.

Donatello realized that the easiest, in fact only way to bond with Xalnergy was by observing a large amount if it from an external source. And the Chao Umbra contained the purest and largest source if Zalnergy ever.

As he stood at the edge of the pit, Donatello briefly hesitated. Was this really a good idea?

But then Donatello thought back to the all those wounded soldiers, whom he had tried so hard but failed to protect. What Donatello was about to do, he was doing it for them.

With that, Donatello leapt down and plunged headfirst into the Chao Umbra, completely submerging his body.

Immediately, the dark Xalnergy latched on to Donatello’s body, as the dark always consumes the light.
Donatello screamed as felt the most excruciating pain and agony in every part of himself simultaneously, each of his individual atoms ripped apart from every angle by the Xalnergy, and the light contained within being destroyed before the atoms were then smashed back together, threatening to destroy and tear Donatello apart as glowing purple cracks began appearing on his body. As this happened, Donatello received visions. He peered past the surface level of reality, into the underlying nightmarish chaos. As the madness of the Multiverse was displayed before him, Donatello heard voices. Voices of rage, voices of pain, voices of suffering. Screams of horror. It was all overwhelming, too much for him.
Then, Donatello realized why the pain was so profound: he was resisting the Xalnergy, trying to fight against it and bend it to his own will. He remembered Cassiel mentioning that one had to think of Xalnergy as a living being, to form a symbiosis with. With that, Donatello stopped resisting. The Primordial Energy in his body, his very life-source and essence, was torn from his body by the Xalnergy, leaving behind a husk which then became a conduit for the Xalnergy. Donatello soaked in the powerful energy like a sponge, feeling a great growing strength build up inside him. The feeling was incredibly addicting and intoxicating. Donatello needed more of this power, so he could vanauish even more foes. He could hear the Xalnergy calling out to him, telling him that of he gave complete control to the energy, he would have even far greater power.
And so, Dinatello surrendered complete control to the Xalnergy. Bits of his armor blew off his body and were shattered, while other parts of the armor became warped from absorbing the Xalnergy, becoming almost like an organic part of of Donatello’s body. Donatello released a screech of pure rage and pain, as the Xalnergy ignited in an immensely bright and powerful explosion.

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Cassiel stood and waited to hear any objections but there weren’t any, even though Gabriel and Nathaniel felt uneasy about this. They couldn’t deny Cassiel’s Leadership prowess and tactical genius. He alone holds the Breakers on a tight leash which in the beginning was thought to be next to impossible because of their impulsive and harsh behavior. Suddenly, they bowed down to him, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Varmiel just to name a few as Epsilon, the Warmind was beside Cassiel, supporting him.

The Dark Archangel glanced around him, so it was settled. Cassiel was the Commanding Chief of The Council of Life’s Angels. “So be it.” Cassiel nods. “Rest for now, while I make plans for our next attack on the Xir’algath. This time, we’ll attack them full-on force and hurt them where it hurts.” He declared as he took off, not all knew where he was heading but Auriel knew that when Cassiel was seeking answers he was in the Library of the Infinites.

The room was spacious and the most extravagant with precious sculptures and jewelry all over the place, fitting for The Five Heavenly Kings. As their Magician asked as to what their thoughts were, there was a silence before Imperael spoked. “It’s the best choice we have.” The Authoritative King said.

“Best choice?” Lunael repeated as he sat next to him at the table. “We still don’t know if he can be trusted. Time and time again, Cassiel disobeyed our orders.” The Calm King spoke. “Such as still continuing to study and practice Xalnergy Manipulation and being a loose cannon with his Breakers.”

Imperael found himself chuckling lightly, a rare emotion that came from him. “Oh has he now?” He rhetorically asked. “Then why is it that I see, he’s the only one that has his eyes opened?” He asked, as he crossed his arms and leaned against his chair. “He is more reliable, determined and better Leader than Donatello, who constantly believes he is too weak to Lead.” He said, before scoffing in the end. “Which makes me think as to why we choose him to be Commanding Chief.”

“His Heart is in the right place…” Terrael called out, he was more the Scientist of the group of Kings. “While Cassiel, is a Wild card.” He mentioned.

“So you are going to deny his potency and efficiency?” Imperael asked. “Let’s not forget he singlehandedly with his Breakers brought more victorious in this War than he did alone.” He said. “Even if we give the Leadership to Michael…he is not ready yet. He is inexperienced, immature and still has a lot to learn.” He declared. “I don’t mean, using Xalnergy is the best of choices but think of its power and what we can achieve in the future. With a person like Cassiel leading our Angels, we will not fail, not this time.”


Meanwhile, Gabriel, Nathaniel, and Uriel were in a room, relaxing for the moment as they still were processing the new changes around the place. Certainly, they felt uneasy and didn’t know what was the right choice of action. Michael was too occupied with prooving Cassiel wrong, while Auriel was always in the Library and Sabrael…well he never talks.

“Relax guys, everything is going to be alright,” Uriel said as he was laying on the floor, gazing at the beautiful ceiling.

“You really trust this Cassiel?” Gabriel glanced at Uriel.

He shrugged, he didn’t know what to say about that. “I don’t really care who is leading,” Uriel said. “All I care is to get over with this already.” He sighed under his breath.

“I’m more concerned with what he will do with Epsilon,” Nathaniel adds. “Though we don’t want to admit, he was a mistake…we shouldn’t have made him. But here we are.” He said as he rested his forearm against a pillar.

Varmiel was cleaning his Starbreaker before he glanced at Hamael. “You think Cassiel is a better fit instead of Donatello?” He asked her, wanting to know her opinion.

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Eventually, as Cassiel was browsing the books he could sense a rush of air created from Auriel’s wings as she landed behind him.
“-and what answeres may you hope to find in here?” She asked him.
“What knowledge are you trying to seek?”

“You all bring up compelling points…” Fatumael said, speaking up.
“But I see that this scenario could go in any number of directions. What ever happens next, it will all come down to Cassiel’s moral compass. If he stats true to himself, then he will make for a good leader of the military. However, if he wavers, if he too doubts himself just like Dinatello now does…” Fatumael opened his eyes.
“We could all be doomed.”

“Interesting…” Raziel said in response, before turning to Terrael. “Terrael, what say you on this matter?”

Sabrael listened in on the conversation, but did not say much himself.

“If I am honest, brother, I really am not sure.” Hamael replied, as she refurbished Skullbreaker.
“People’s views on Cassiel will depend on what type of leader they strive for. Personally, Angel warriors with a fighting spirit like me would find him to be a great fit. But other angels who are more concerned with stability and responsibility, may find Cassiel to he a reckless and unfit leader.”

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Cassiel sensed the rush of air created from Aurie’s wings from behind him, and so he turned around while holding a book of Ancient Knowledge. He was in the section of how can control Xalnergy without being corrupt by it.

“Auriel…” His tone took a soothing and soft one before he closed the book and put it back in place. He brought his hand up and took his hood off, which revealed his mature face. He had a strongly defined jaw with equally defined cheeks. His hair was brown and drawn back on is head, and on the side of his sideburns, from there he had grey lines that went back to his head, his eyes were a natural purple color and his handsomeness was unlike no other.

“I didn’t think you would come here.” He mentioned, his tone was rathered filled with surprise, as he glanced at her. “The knowledge I seek…” He glanced down, before looking away. “It’s currently not existent…I’m limited to our present…and I cannot see into the future…nor am I all-knowing.” He said.

“However, I don’t have doubts about my new status as the Commanding Chief…what do you think?” He asked her, as his eyes made eye contact with hers. “If you are against me taking the role as the Leader of the Angels…then I will give my status to somebody who is more fitting…” His tone was genuine. "But as arrogant as it seems…I don’t see anyone who is capable of taking the place of Donatello…but me. " He sighed as he looked down. “Because all I want is to keep everyone safe and end this war, once and for all.”

Terrael glanced at Raziel, truly everyone brought compelling points and he couldn’t deny them. “I feel like…Cassiel is not the Leader we want but the Leader we need.” Terrael spoked, and Lunael stared with an arched eyebrow while Imperael found it somewhat amusing.

“How so?” Lunael asked.

“As Imperael said…and as well as Fatumael,” Terrael mentioned. “If Cassiel does not doubt himself like Donatello, then Cassiel is a capable leader.” He said. “And we all know that Cassiel always was confident in his abilities. Which is why we trusted him with the Breakers.”

Imperael nods. “Then…if we all agree on the matter, we should talk with The Grand Seraphim about making Cassiel officially the Commanding Chief.” He said.

“Isn’t Epsilon supposed to be an all-seeing savior?” Uriel asked. “He did say he will protect us at all costs.” He said.

Nathaniel nods. “True…but remember that most of us wanted to use him as a weapon.” He mentioned. “And we didn’t take into account his…sentient being.” He looked away. “A mistake on our part. Though I don’t believe it is not totally in our right to feel a little…” He didn’t want to say it.

“Scared?” Gabriel asked. “Really? You of all people, Nathaniel?” She chuckled. “You fear nothing.”

“Correct…but even so, I have an ominous feeling about all of this. About Donatello…Cassiel…Epsilon.” He said. “Something isn’t right and I can sense it. There is this darkness surrounding us. And I don’t know what and why.”

Varmiel nods. “Yeah, I agree with you on us Angel Warriors finding Cassiel the perfect Leader.” He said with an agreeing tone. “Though, I have the feeling that Cassiel will start to take responsibilities. Because I have the feeling that he has been working on perfecting himself, ever since he came into being.” He mentioned. “He trained us, he leads us, he made us into who we are…and now, it’s no different from anyone. It’s like he is leading a larger group of Warriors, though not as formidable as us Breakers.”


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Docilus smiled
“I think I found the way we can defeat the Xir’Algath. This…This will exterminate them, and we shall bring peace back to the entire Multiverse!”
He took a cylinder-like capsule and placed it in Michael’s front. It had a small transparent window, which meant the weapon will be filled with something.
"I present to you…The Cambro Mortuus!

OOC: The Cambro Mortuus is about the size and shape of a Bionicle Toa Mata Canister. (Their Packaging, not the ones from the story)

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Ryen shook the extended hand.
“Ryen. I guess… wizard of healing.”

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“Interesting…” Michael muttered as he took the device and examined it.

“What does the Cambro Mortuus do? How does it function?” He asked Docilus.


“Well met, Ryen.” Errapel replied.
“So, how did you find your calling in the profession of healing?” She asked her.

Auriel sighed.
"Cassiel, what you must understand is that hy taking position as commander-in-chief, you are going to carry an immensely heavy burden upon your shoulders. This is a very important responsibility, not meant to be taken lightly. If you are certain that you are ready for such a thing, then I will support your cause.

Auriel then stepped closer to Cassiel.
“But I need to hear it from you: Are You Prepared?”

Raziel nodded.
“Indeed. Let is summon him.” He said, as he casted a spell that would send out a “signal” of sorts to The Grand Seraphim.
Within seconds, he materialized before the Five Heavenly Kings.

#“For what reason have you summoned me, my advisors?”
He asked in a gentle and soothing, yet powerful voice.

Sabrael nodded in agreement. He could sense a slight but noticeable ■■■■■ in the balance of magic, and it did not sit well with him.

“Do not worry, Varmiel. Cassy will whip them into shape in no time!” Hamael said, with a hearty laugh.

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When Auriel stepped closer to Cassiel he was taken back, he was surprised to hear more than a few sentences from her. Though he shouldn’t because he was the only person she talked this much to. For a moment, there was a deafening silence as Cassiel was thinking about making a decision that will affect the grand scheme of things as a whole.

Though, he made up his mind and time was of the essence. Cassiel reached out gently and held her right hand with both of his hands, as he glanced at her. His purple eyes stared in her direction before he gives her a confident nod. “I’m always prepared.” He declared. “And with you by my side…” He stepped a bit closer towards her, their faces only inches apart. “I know I cannot be wrong.” He said, as his lips curled into an affectionate smile.

As The Grand Seraphim appeared before them, Imperael didn’t waste time in spelling the beams and getting down to business very quickly. “We’ve concluded that Donatello isn’t fit to lead anymore, and thus we are granting Cassiel’s wish, as becoming the Commanding Chief of our Angel Army.” He said with his authoritative tone.

Lunael rolled his eyes. "Jeez, Imperael, you surely are taking your time. "He said sarcastically before glancing at The Grand Seraphim. “Your Highness, what Imperael is saying, it’s partially true, for Donatello abruptly left while saying that because of his weakness, he shall lead the Angels no longer.” He explained.

“And so, we can’t be without an Angel Leader to lead our Army. Thus the decision has concluded in making Cassiel the new Commanding Chief.” Terrael concludes, as he crossed his arms and glanced at The Grand Seraphim.

“I feel like we are stressing too much about this,” Uriel said as he was playing with a Primordial Energy Ball which he quickly manifested into existence. He was laying down on the floor and was throwing it up and catching it back, and continued the process.

“You truly are the most chill of us, Uriel.” Gabriel smiled as she said that.

Nathaniel nods. “Should Cassiel be leader, we shall follow him without hesitation.” He declared. “Though, about Donatello. That’s now how a leader is supposed to behave…doubting himself like that and then leaving. What if we didn’t have Cassiel?” He asked. “Who will lead us then?” He glanced at the two.

“True…” Gabriel nods.

Varmiel smiled as he rose an eyebrow. “Did you just called our Mentor, Cassy?” He asked.

Meanwhile around the Palace where besides it was the greatest sight of the entire Council of Life and that was its Golden Park, filled with enormous and large trees, with leaves that spread up to miles and had a golden trunk with green leaves.

The path was made out of quartz and besides the bath, it was being hugged by a crystal clear river that went along the place, towards the center of the park which had a circular design and in the middle a human-sized tree.

Epsilon didn’t know why he found himself to be there but he casually walked towards the center and kneeled to pick up a flower. It was a white rose, which could only be found in this garden. He brought his face near it and smelled it, finding the scent of the flower quite soothing as he glanced in the distance, he had an ominous feeling.

“Something’s happening…” So said the Warmind.


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“Erm…” Ryen paused, evidently slightly uncomfortable.
“As a Maiar, I was born with… certain powers… over the mind. I didn’t have any training, so… I used those powers for my own good and not for others… the wizards found me and took me in, and taught me how to use my powers for healing and helping.”

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“It can extract a Xir’Algath’s essence, it’s Xalnergy. It can destroy entire armies, all of that, for only one cost…”

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“Well, I for one am glad you chose to follow this path. You are now a part of a very noble cause.” Errapel said to Ryen.

“Hey, cou pass me some of those herbs over there?” She then asked, pointing to a jar of herbs nearby Ryen.

“And what is that cost?” Asked Michael.

“Now, this might be something, but it’s certainly worth it.” He said "The amount of Xalnergy that will be extracted, might destroy the universe the Cambro is activated in. But, think about it: an entire army will be destroyed before you, at the cost of one universe, one, out of the thousands there exist.

Ryen grabbed the jar of herbs and handed it to the fellow healer.
“I’m glad I did too. It’s a much better occupation than what I was doing as a child.” She smiles softly.

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Michael gasped.
“Docilus, I cannot allow this weapon! Destroying a universe is far roo devastating and destructive for the good to outweigh it.” He said, yanking the device from Docilus’ hands.

Docilus looked surprised and angry at the same time
“You’ve…Got any better weapons!? Michael, do you realize how much work I put into this?! It’s our only way!!”

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“I’m sorry Docilus, but the life of one Xir’algath is not worth an entire universe of beings.”

The Grabd Seraphim was about to speak and give his verdict on the Heavenly Kings’ appeal, when an alarm suddenly sounded. A large crystal in the center of the palace began to glow and emanate a blaring sound.

#“A large horde of Xir’algath are detected nearby, and they are fast approaching.”
The Grand Seraphim announced.

#“Ryen, Errapel, you two stay here and continue tending to the wounded. They still yet require your attention.”
The Grand Seraphim said to the two healers

The Grand Seraphim then turned back to the Geavenly Kings.

#“Summon the Breakers. It is time for battle.”

Auriel was about to say something, but then she sensed the alarm ringing.
“Go. You’re needed with your comrades.” She said to him.

Docilus stepped out of the room angrily.

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Imperael nods towards The Grand Seraphim and proceeds to announce a large broadcast towards the Angels, which would also get the attention of the Breakers.

“Angels, while unfortunate, we have detected a large horse of Xir’algath nearby and they are approaching fast. Prepare for battle. And good luck…you will need it.” He said before the announcement through the crystal closed.

Varmiel nods as he gets up and unsheathed his Starbreaker and swings it around, the blade cutting through the air. “Finally, I can get to my 1000 killing score.” He said with a smirk on his face as he glanced at Hamael. “Ready up, Hamael.” He calls out. “It is time for us to break them…”

Cassie glanced at her, he knew she was about to say something but then said something else. He kept her hands in his hold as he glanced at her, his purple eyes looking into her own.

“I’ll be back…” He said before he lets go of her hands and pulls his hoodie on and flies through the portal and lands on the ground, just outside the palace with Varmiel and Israfel there.

In the distance, there was Epsilon, who was holding the white rose in his hand. He glanced into the genuine direction where he believed the Xir’algath were coming from. But something odd happened, Cassiel, Varmiel, and Israfel were hearing Epsilon reciting something…a poem.

"When the rose is faded,
Memory may still dwell on
Her beauty shadowed,
And the sweet smell gone.

The vanishing loveliness,
That burdening breath,
No bond of life hath then,
Nor grief of death.

'Tis the immortal thought
Whose passion still
Makes the changing
The unchangeable.

Oh, thus thy beauty,
Loveliest on earth to me,
Dark with no sorrow, shines
And burns, with thee…"

When the poem ended, Epsilon glanced at Cassiel, who looked at him back. Epsilon’s right hand was slowly opening as a sudden breeze spread about and took the white rose from his palm, and was carried by the wind forward. “They are coming.” Announced the Warmind.


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As he said this, the ground could be felt rumbling as a horde of Xir’algath approached in the distance.

Meanwhile, in the palace, Archangel Michael unsheathed Lightbringer as he headed towards the exit.
Auriel looked on at him. “Michael, what are you-”
“They’re right. I should be out there, fighting on the front lines. The rest of you stay here and hold down the fort.” Michael said, as he flew off to join the army.

Michael landed beside Docilus and the breakers, looking on at the oncoming Xir’algath.
“Prepare yourselves…” he said, readying his blade.