Angels and Demons: The Fall

Docilus slided a step away from Michael
“I will not fight beside you”

Epsilon would spread his mighty and large white wings as he levitated off the ground. His eyes suddenly glowing in a pure crimson red as the Xir’algath hoard was approaching the Palace. Out of nowhere, technological constructs would come out Epsilon’s body, ready to blast destructive beams of energy at them.

Israfel glanced up at Epsilon. “Uh…Epsilon, what are you doing?” He asked.

“Protecting the Realm of Life,” Epsilon answered with a cold tone.

Uriel rose an eyebrow as he and Nathaniel glanced at Auriel for a moment. “What the heck?” Uriel called out of nowhere.

Nathaniel nods in agreement. “That was sudden.” He said as he glanced at Gabriel who had her hands gripped tightly around her spear and slammed it on the ground.

“I don’t know about you…” She said. “But I won’t stay here and let others risk their lives while we full knowingly, knew we could have done something.” Gabriel declares as she rose her spear. “Come, let’s join Michael!” She ordered as she flew out of the palace, she was followed by Nathaniel and Uriel.

Cassiel glanced at Michael, who landed beside them. He slowly unsheathed his Soulbreaker. “You are not supposed to be here, Michael,” Cassiel spoke, with a strange tone, as if in battle he was a completely different person, cold and calculated.

On the other hand, Varmiel cackled as he nudged his elbow into Hamael’s arm. “Ey, Hamael lookie here.” He said, with a smirk on his face. “The Princess knows how to wield a sword.” said the Breaker of Stars, cackling some more. “Make sure you don’t cut yourself with it, Princess.”

As in time, Gabriel, Nathaniel and Uriel land down hoping Auriel and Sabrael would follow them. Cassiel glanced back at them. “None of you are supposed to be here. What is the meaning of this?” He asked.

“It is simple, Commanding Chief, Cassiel,” Gabriel said, as she placed the hilt of the spear on the ground. “We refuse to stand inside a Palace while you and the others risk your lives.” She declared.

Uriel shrugged. “I’m just here 'cause I got nothing else better to do.”


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In the palace, Auriel and Sabrael had chosen to remain. However, something seemed to be on Auriel’s mind which was troubling her. Sabrael cocked his head to one side slightly, as his way of asking Auriel what was wrong.
“I know that we are bound by duty to remain here, but I feel that our brothers and sisters may need us on the battlefield…” she said, conflicted.

The two archangels then turned towards the Five Heavenly Kings.
Raziel waved his hand at Sabrael. “You have my blessing. You may go and join them.” He said, as Sabrael then flew out of the palace and into the battlefield.

“And what of me?” Auriel asked the Kings.

#“You may also go. The Five Heavenly Kings and I shall see too it that the castle remains protected.”
The Grand Seraphim replied.

Auriel nodded gratefully, and flew to join the others on the front lines.

The Xir’algath were fast approaching. Hamael, Michael, Auriel and the other angels readied their weapons.

Staring right at the oncoming army, Michael raised Lightbringer into the air. And then, he swung it down, charging towards the Xir’algath with several Angel’s following behind.

Varmiel rose his Starbreaker and let out a war cry before he charged towards the Xir’algath. Slashing them one after the other with great speed and ferocity. “991, 992, 993…” He started to count aloud as he continued to fight.

Uriel would follow as he ran at greats speed and started to punch Xir’algath into their faces, the impact of his punch was so great their bodies would explode from the great speed. WHile Gabriel rose her spear and channelled mass amounts of lightning and directed it at the Xir’algath.

Meanwhile Nathaniel with his sword would slash through the Xir’algath together with Israfel while the Warmind glanced down. “Israfel, gift me the powers of solar energy.” He said while Israfel glanced at him, slightly confused. “Just shoot me with it.” He simplified as as Israfel nods and summons the power of the sun, doing so Epsilon would fire a great beam of destructive thermal energy at the Xir’algath burning them away.

Cassiel was making his was through the Xir’algath, slashing one after another. Before he spread his vast wings with a war cry and summoned the destructive power of the Soulbreaker red electricity would surge through it as he slashed a wave of destructive Xalnergy at them which was cracking the ground up.


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Hamael smashed through all the Xir’algath with Skullbreaker, pulverizing them into the ground.

Auriel knocked an arrow into her bow, and slung it with grace as the arrow shot through 20 Xir’algath in a row before stopping.

Sabrael cast a magic spell which caused several of the Xir’algath to float in the air before he slung them back into the ground with a heavy thud.

Michael cut through his enemies with great accuracy and grace. Making quick work of them with Lightnringer as he sliced the Xir’algath to ribbons.

From all directions, five Xir’algath charged towards Cassiel.

“How pitiful…” Cassiel calls out as he slashed through a Xir’algath with his Soulbreaker. Before pointing his hand at another, and fired a enormous blast of Xalnergy at another. “To think that we called each other brothers and sisters…” He said.

“Only if you would have told us…told me what the Grand Seraphim has done…what we have done to wrong you.” He summoned demonic light which purged through the Xir’algath. “But no…” He concludes as he slashed through another one with his Soulbreaker. “All you do is killing and fighting…”


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Alaintiqam!”(Retribution!) Was all The Xir’algath replied with, as he formed his arm into a blade and attempted to hack at Cassiel.

“What do you mean Retribution?” Cassiel asked as he slashed through the blade with his Soulbreaker before blasting hell fire at the Xir’algath’s face.

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The Xir’algath refused to reply, not finding Cassiel worthy to speak with. But it did not matter, as he was quickly felled by Cassiel’s hellfire.

The Xir’algath fought ferociously against the angels, and Hamael wrestling with a larger Xir’algath. She shoved the rod of her hammer into his jaws to keep him at bay temporarily.
“I could use some help over here!” She called out.

Varmiel heard his sister’s cry for help before he charged at the large Xir’algath and piereced it through its chest with his Starbreaker before throwing the lifeless body away.

“1000!!!” declared the Warrior before he grabbed Hamael and brought her on her feet. “Thank me later.”


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Hamael nodded, before she was suddenly checked in the shoulder by a Xir’algath and knocked to the ground.
Many of the other Archangels and soldiers started struggling as well, becoming increasingly overwhelmed just as they had last time.

Michael could feel perspiration budding up over his forehead as he fought, feeling the pressure of battle building up.

Just when it seemed that The Xir’algath were about to gain the upper hand, something suddenly happened.

Thunder rumbled throughout the darkening skies, as clouds gathered and began to form the eye of a storm, which swirled in the center of the sky. A bolt of Xalnergy struck down from the swirling sky and disintegrated several Xir’algath on the spot, causing the ground to shake with enough force to throw even Michael off balance.
Xalnergy crackled all over the sky, and a large dark shape swooped down from the eye of the storm woth a shriek, and set a large number of the Xir’algath ablaze with Xalnergy.
DIE!” The shape screeched, as he blasted forth a wave of more Xalnergy which wiped out all Xir’algath in its path, like a sponge scrubbing away a stain.
The wings enveloping the shape came unfurled, revealing none other than Archangel Donatello. He did not appear anything like he had looked when he was last seen by the angels. He was…less pure. His armor was warped and missing some pieces, and his wings were a darker color, missing some feathers.

Donatello continued his savage annihilation of the Xir’algath, paying little attention to his angelic allies as Xalnergy crackled and blasted from his fingertips, and he laughed madly.

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“Oh my God…” Cassiel gasped in shock. “Donatello, what have you done…?” He asked aloud before he noticed that the violent out lash from Donatello’s Xalnergy usage was actually harming some of the Angels. “Uriel!” He called out to the Archangel of Speed. “Save them!” He ordered.

Archangel Uriel nodded his head before he went towards the angels to pick them one by one, while he made sure to get Auriel out of harm’s way. Same with Sabrael as Cassiel went in front and cast out a shield made out of Xalnergy. “Get to cover!” He said.

Nathaniel, Gabriel, and Israfel do so and get behind Epsilon’s technological constructs, while Varmiel was watching the slaughter. “Holy…” He spoke out. “What is happening.” He glanced at Cassiel who was coming towards him and threw him out of harm’s way and landed on the ground, far from the battle.

Uriel would get Michael and Hamael out of there as well as now they were protected by Cassiel’s shield. Angrily he walked towards them, muttering some words. “That idiot did it…” He spoke. “And he didn’t listen.” His stern voice and tonality would be noticed in his tone.


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Donatello briefly wavered from his massacre, turning to face Cassiel.
“What have I done? What have I done?” He replied, his voice becoming shrill.
“I have finally gained the power to wipe out our enemies, and win this war! You held back in your use of Xalnergy, Cassiel. But I have surrendered myself completely to it, and I now have far greater power than you could have ever dreamed of!!”

Cassiel watched as his old friend was completely consumed and taken by the Xalnergy, he did succeed in becoming one with but at a terrible cost. “But at what cost, Donatello?” Cassiel asked. “How far do you want to take this? Because right before me, I see a fellow friend who has lost his way.” He mentioned, with sadness in his tone.

However, he couldn’t feel but feel responsible for this. Because he didn’t tell Cassiel no…because he gave him hope in believing that he had a chance in controlling the Xalnergy. “Donatello, my great friend…” His voice stuttered. “You have lost your way…” He announced. “You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.”

Cassiel glanced at Michael. “Announce The Grand Seraphim of this.” He ordered. “Donatello is a Demon now…”


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“You are wrong, Cassiel. I have found my way!” Donatello shrieked as an offwave of Xalnergy blasted from his body and knocked down all Xir’algath.

Retreat!” The Xir’algath general declared, as the Xir’algath tried to escape.

“Ah-ah, you’re going nowhere!” Donatello shouted, as he prepared to create an explosion of Xalnergy that would consume not only all the Xir’algath, but the angels as well.

However, everyone would then be blinded by a brilliant bright light as The Grand Seraphim appeared before everyone. The Xir’algath were able to escape amidst the distraction, but All the angels were safely transported back to the palace, and Donatello was inside the the Five Heavenly Kings’ meeting room, his hands bound behind his back.

“You have some explaining to do.” Fatumael sternly said to Donatello, glaring down at him.

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Imperael, Terrael, and Lunael glanced down at Donatello, mostly ashamed and disappointed that he has stooped so low and has become the very thing he swore to destroy. “I want one answer, Donatello,” Imperael said with his tone, as he walked towards him. “Why?” He asked.

Cassiel would punch a wall which would slightly crack from his force, whilst holding back dearly. “I was a fool…” He declared.

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“Is it not obvious?” Donatello asked with a grin.

“While you ‘Kings’ have been sitting in this lonely palace and having boring conversations all day, I have been the one who has gotten things done! I should have been made the Sixth Heavenly King, because I would have had you do things that mattered! But it matters not now…”

Imperael scoffed. “You don’t know how to rule an Army, you officially gave up command because you thought you were too weak. You doubted your abilities and capabilities, and now you have the audacity to tell it to my face. That you would have made a fine Sixth Heavenly King?!?!” His voice boomed within the room.

Lunael placed a calm hand on Imperael’s shoulder. “He makes a valid point.” He said. “You could have come to us, talk with us about your doubts.”

“But you didn’t and now look at you.” Terrael spat out.

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“Exactly! Now, I am far more better than any of you! And now…”

Xalnergy began to sizzle in Donatello’s hands.
“-I shall be your king!”

Donatello broke free from his bindings with ease, and engulfed all the Five Heavenly Kings in Xalnergy

“POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!!!” Donatello roared, as all the Heavenly Kong’s became corrupted and starred to transform into demons.

“What…have you’ve done to us…” Imperael said as he was transforming into his demonic self, as well as Lunael and Terrael.

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