Angels and Demons: The Fall

Raziel hunched over, groaning in pain as the Xalnergy coursed through him. His wings blackened, and a thick, stony skin formed over his body. The Magician’s eyes then burst open, revealing them to be a fiery orange.

Fatumael’s electricity was transmuted into Xalnergy, shocking his body. His muscular form shrivelled into a decrepit, sickly body, and his eyes became shrouded. One of the rings around his body fell away, and his wings darkened.

Donatello howled with laughter, as he blasted beam of xalnergy into the palace’s crystal spire at its top. The Xalnergy was channelled and conducted through the spire, being amplified as it blasted out from the spire and into the sky.

The heavens themselves darkened in a lighting storm, and bolts of Xalnergy shot down and struck many angels, corrupting and demonizing them.

It had begun.

Ryen looked towards the spire.
“OHhhh boy.” She muttered.

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Docilus looked up in the sky
“What kind of witchery-”

He almost finished his sentence when a bolt struck him.

He l P!!” He growled with pain, his voice distorting.

Epsilon’s eyes glowed in a very bright red, he felt it, the xalnergy, the angels corrupted by this strange and chaotic substance. There was a dark feeling, as if the Five Heavenly Kings fell for some evil machinations and then he saw it, through the crystal, it was Donatello who corrupted them.

“…Threat Detected…Donatello and the Five corrupt Kings. Solution: Complete annihilation.” Epsilon said as suddenly the Palace would go on a full code red lockdown mode because of this. Every Angel inside will get the alarm going nonstopping before Epsilon came into the room where Donatello and the Kings were.

“Kings…Donatello…I hereby discharge you from your duties.” declared The Warmind as mechanical constructs came out of Epsilon as powerful energy beam blasts and primordial energy would be fired at them, as the room was surrounded by the constructs, each firing their beams at them at the same time…

Meanwhile, Cassiel would get the alarm. “What is happening now…” He muttered as he looked at Auriel and then the others.


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The Magician shielded and deflected the blast with a magical ward.
“Back me, brothers.” He commanded to Imperael, Terrael and Lunael.


Michael ran up to him.
“Docilus? Are you okay? What is wrong?!” He asked with genuine concern.

WHO are you TalKinG WiTH?!?” Docilus turned toward Michael. He could realize that his skin darkened, and his teeth sharpened.

A second bolt struck his corrupted body, this time making his whole face elongate, leaving a hideous snout behind. From his skin began emerging crimson scales, spikes and armor. The wings, once white and beautiful, became black and skeletal

" BOW before the DOMINUS DAEMONIUM!!! " he roared

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Epsilon’s energy beam blasts only increased, causing the shield to potentially crack from the sheer extent of the raw power Epsilon was giving out. “You have fallen from Grace, my former Kings.” Epsilon declared with his death like voice. “You shall never exist anymore, for you are the very cancer in this Multiverse that needs to get rid of.” He said. “And thus, I will make sure you are permanently destroyed!!” The blast of his attacks increased the more it went on, probably The Magician won’t be able to hold him much longer.

Imperael, Terrael, and Lunael came into the Magician’s aid as Imperael rose his hand and suddenly the very metal inside Epsilon would crush. “We made you, Epsilon. And we can easily get rid of you.” The Emperor declared.

As Lunael used his gravity manipulation to slam Epsilon down onto the ground, as the fellow synthetic angel tried to get back on his feet but couldn’t. “And thus, we discharge you from your duties.” He declared.

As Terrael fired a powerful ice blast that would free Epsilon in place. “Be gone…Abomination.” The Emperor said as he pushed Epsilon with an incredible force out of the Palace.


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“Excellent work, Emperor!” Donatello said with praise.


Oh no…” Michael whispered below his breath. He slowly reached for his sword, prepared to defend himself if Daemonium were to attack him.

Archangel Sabrael and Auriel flew towards Ryen and Errapel. “We must leave this place at once. It is unsafe.” Auriel hastily said to the angel and wizard.

“Ah, you… You could have prevented all this…” He said toward Michael in a calmer voice “If you just listened to me you could have stopped this from happening”


Daemonium fiercely threw his spear upon him.

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“What is our next course of action?” asked Terrael.

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Head outside the palace, to announce my presence and rulership of the angels!" Donatello exclaimed.


Michael dodged out of the way of the spear, and shot a blast of Primordial Energy at Docilus.

Daemonium flew up, out of the way, and unleashed a hail of fire in return.

Imperael crossed his arms as he suddenly levitated off the ground, he was manipulating his own magnetism as he flew out of the Palace, followed by Terrael and Lunael as they glanced down at the standing Angels, this was it, the time of a new dawn has come upon them.

“Hear me, Angels.” Imperael’s voice boomed, much stronger and authoritative. “For eons, we’ve been fighting against the Xir’algath and we’ve lost so many of our brothers and sisters.” He declared.

Meanwhile, as the Emperor was giving his speech. Cassiel glanced at the Crystal that was transmitting his message with a holographic display. “Oh my god…” He muttered. “They are…corrupted.” He said.

Cassiel immediately took his Soulbreaker and he contacted the Archangels and Breakers. “Archangels and Breakers, hear me out. The Five Heavenly Kings are no longer on our side. They have been transformed…into Demons. Come outside and let us face the enemy, that is an order!” He ordered as he flew through the hallway making his way outside.

“You have been ruled by weaker versions of ourselves. But no longer, we have evolved. And if anything has always been proven, that evolution always wins. So rise up my Angels, become one of us and together, we shall achieve anything!! Together we shall be lead by Donatello, our Dark Lord!” He declared as he began to spread the Xalnergy, as it corrupted the Angels slowly, transforming them into demons.


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Michael took cover behind his shield, buying some time but not much.

“I can’t believe it! Those pompous ■■■■■■■■ betrayed us!” Hamael spat, as she took Skullbreaker and swung it behind her back, flying after Cassiel.
Sabrael and Auriel followed closely behind her.

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Daemonium suddenly stopped his flames
"Your power in the Multiverse will diminish, slowly, painfully, leaving space for a new era. Join us, Michael, and maybe you will not feel that pain."

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Michael shook his head.
“No, I refuse. Please, let me help you instead Docilus.”

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The last un-corrupted part of Docilus fought inside its own self. At last, it managed to speak:
“It’s too late for me, Michael, it’s too late.”

Daemonium coughed, spitting fire out.
"Docilus is Dead."

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Varmiel was behind Hamel, as he unsheathed Soulbreaker. “I shall have the baboon’s head myself!!” declared the Archangel as Gabriel, Nathaniel and Uriel was following them loosely.

“So, Kings are Big Bads now?” Auriel asked.

Nathaniel glanced at his little brother. “It appears so.” He said with a nod of his head.

As the Angels found their way out of the Palace, they could see up in the sky there they were. Imperael, Terrael and Lunael. “Oh, look who we have here.” said Lunael. “The Xalnergy Bearer.”

“Attack!” Cassiel declared as he flew towards them.

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Michael stepped back slowly, horrified by what his old friend had now become.


The Magician flew towards the Breakers, balls of hellfire appearing in both claws as he lobbed them at his opponents.

A significantly large fireball headed for Ryen

Deamonium focused himself back to the subject.
"LAST CHANCE!!" He roared

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