Angels and Demons: The Fall

Ryen ducked and fired her own fireball back at the source.

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Michael gripped his sword, pulling it out as he aimed at Daemonium.
“No.” He answered.


The Magician grunted as he shielded his face from the fireball.

The Wheel of Fate blasted a powerful bolt of lightning at Ryen in retaliation.

Ryen dove to the side, barely dodging the lightning. She slowly got up from the ground.

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"So be it."
He blocked the sword with his spear.

Cassiel used xalnergy to cast a energy shield out of the dark energy he was using, shielding him and Hamael who was behind him. “Be careful.” Cassiel wisely advices Hamael. “These are not your averrage Xir’algath. They were our Kings.” He mentioned as the shield was down.

Varmiel would use his Starbreaker and would slash through the fireball, letting out a war cry towards the Fallen King. “Come here you sum b-” He was cut out in mid way as he was swinging Starbreaker towards the Magician. The one that stopped him was Terrael’s ice blade, as the two went into a stalemate lock.

“Watch your words, you fool!” The World’s voice boomed as he pushed Varmiel away and began to fight with their swords, going at each other mercilessly.

Meanwhile, Gabriel, Nathaniel and Uriel were behind. Glancing around the place as havoc soon rained upon them all, someone needed to turn the events fast into the Angels’ favor, luckily Gabriel had a plan. “Sabrael!” She calls out to him. “You are the only one that can use magic on par with Raziel. Go face him!” She ordered as she unsheathed her spear of lightning.

“And what do we do?” Uriel asked.

Gabriel smirked as she glanced at the Emperor. “Go fast. That’s what you’ll do.” She said. In that moment, it took a bit for Uriel to realize what she meant by that. “Ooooh.” The sudden realization had been dawned upon the Angel of Speed. “AAAHA!” And so in a fell swoop he was gone, running towards The Emperor, as golden lightning was the only aftermath of Uriel.

Uriel punched the Emperor with an incredible fast punch. He didn’t expect him, he was after all the fastest of them all as he fell down, crash landing, into the ground. Uriel would speed towards him in a zigzag and started to punch him rapidly, there was nothing Imperael could do, he wasn’t fast enough.

However, the Emperor wouldn’t be alone as Lunael, the Moon came down and used his gravity to simply stop Uriel from moving. “You may be fast, Uriel.” He said, as his hand was still shaking. He was using his gravitational manipulating abilities to stop something that could move beyond the speed of light, even for a King like him it was much. “But you can’t out run everything.” He declared.

The Emperor stood up and cracked his knuckles. "Yeah, what he said. "The crack would proceed with that of his neck before he swung a devastating punch at Uriel’s face that would cause him to crash down into the ground.

But Lunael was long not alone as Nathaniel took his sword and yelled as he together with Gabriel would attack Lunael. She would summon bolts of powerful lightning towards Lunael, causing him to fall back down into the ground, hurt by them, he was stunned for a few moments before Nathaniel slashed his sword at him, causing a severe wound.

As the battle continued, Cassiel would have not backed down and flew towards Raziel with his Soulbreaker charged up and ready to devour him. “Where is Donatello old man!” He calls out as he slashed the devouring blade at the Magician’s head.

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Michael shot a blast of Primordial energy at Daemonium’s face, to blind him.

“Tired already, are we?” The Wheel of Fate taunted Ryen, prepared to shoot more lightning at her.

Sabrael nodded, flying towards The Magician to face him. Though his face was hidden behind his smooth white mask, Sabrael wore a sad, solemn expression, heartbroken to see his former teacher and friend in such a state.
The Magician chuckled hoarsely as Sabrael approached.
“Do not try anything, boy! I taught you everything about magic that you know!” He gloated to his student.

Nearby, Sabrael spotted the Book of Thaal, and so he dove towards it and grabbed the book, casting a spell from it that shot several bolts of magical energy at the Magician.

The Magician hissed, as a slash was made over his left eye, and he shot a fireball at Cassiel’s face to catch him off-guard. However, Auriel was able to deflect the fireball at the last second, as she arrived and flew beside Cassiel.

“You wanted me, here I am!” Donatello declared, flying in front of Cassiel.
“Donatello, you must stop all this madness at once.” Auriel commanded, preparing her bow.

Donatello grinned, Xalnergy charging up in his hands as he looked at Cassiel.
“You had always admired her, haven’t you? Don’t think I haven’t seen the way you too have looked at each-other from afar.” He said with a laugh.

“Well, if you value Auriel so much, then I may just have to take her from you!” Dinatello roared, shooting a beam of Xalnergy which came towards Auriel fast.

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Meanwhile, Gabriel and Nathaniel were dealing with Lunael who recovered and used some Xalnergy to blast at the two. They were prepared as they blocked it with their weapons, however, they staggered back from the raw destructive power it had.

“Gabriel, go help, Uriel,” Nathaniel told her. “I can take care of Lunael.” He said and Gabriel agrees and nods her head.

Imperael was pounding his fists into Uriel’s face, who surprisingly was taking the attacks head-on but he knew that eventually, he couldn’t. But eventually, Gabriel came into his aid and threw the spear into Imperael’s chest, impaling him as lightning and thunder came down onto him, striking him down with incredible force as she kicked him on his back. With her on top of her, she gripped the spear and impaled it deeply into him as he roared. “Here is your punishment, Imperael.” She said coldly.

Cassiel glanced at Donatello. In the beginning, he only felt disappointed and sad because of his friend falling from grace but now…he only felt anger and hatred. It wasn’t the case of Donatello actually wanting to come back. He delved in sin, chaos, and destruction. The Fallen Archangel had even the audacity to strike someone who is close to Cassiel, someone that was Auriel, someone he admired…some he…some he…

DONATELLO!” The voice of the Council of Life’s Dark Archangel spoke out as a sudden aura materialized around him. In fact, it was a mixture of primordial and xalnergy. As the beam of that dark destructive energy came towards Auriel. With one fell swoop he slashed through it, at incredible speeds, one might say, as fast as Uriel. The beam would splatter in half, thus saving Auriel from certain death as he glanced at her, having one tear drip his cheek and she could see it as he said.

“I’m sorry…” Cassiel mentioned to her, she may at first not understand what he meant. But after what he will do, she will soon realize, that he would let loose.

Cassiel turned towards Donatello. “Okay, bub. I’ll teach you some lessons. You’ll soon not be forgetting.” He declared, as he held Soulbreaker with both of his hands and dashed towards Donatello, incredibly fast, as he swung the blade at his chest.

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Ryen whipped around and sent a beam of piercingly bright light at the Wheel of Fate.
“Not even a bit.” She replied.

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Deamonium was hit, now Michael had a chance to slay him.

In this one rare occasion, Auriel had nothing to say. She was incredibly worried, as she knew the potential destruction that Cassiel could cause if he let his rage completely run loose, unrestrained. She just hoped his balance would remain in check.

Donatello blocked with Luxtrum, which had become corrupted by his demonic powers and turned black. He viciously sparred and parried with Cassiel. Swinging the blade two and fro with a deadly yet elegant grace. It was as if he was dancing with the blade

“We shall see about that!” The ring around The Wheel of Fate’s body began rapidly spinning and turning. Suddenly, he blasted a shockwave of lightning and electricity at Ryen.

Mochael looked down at Daemonium. He knew that, deep down, they was still his friend. And Michael could not bring himself to strike the killing blow. And so he chose to flee, flying away to meet up with the other Archangels.

Deamonium recovered from his blindness and looked around, there being no trace of Michael.
"Miserable coward! he muttered.

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“Nathaniel, the Warrior…” Lunael hissed as he stood back on his feet, taking his daggers out which were consumed by darkness just as him. He flicked them around in a very elegant way, approaching Nathaniel who had his sword ready.

“I can’t believe, we looked up to you.” He said, with a growl as he swung the greatsword at Lunael who blocked it with his daggers.

“Of course, you did.” Lunael venomously adds as he dashes towards the side, and thrusts a knee into Nathaniel’s side, sending him flying into a pillar as The Moon flew towards him, daggers ready to strike.

Imperael groaned as he used his magnetic abilities to force against Gabriel’s spear that was latched into him. She frowned her face as she pushed more onto the spear, summoning lightning from the sky as it struck them both. Of course, she was immune to it but Imperael wasn’t as he yelled in pain before growling significantly lowed as the spear suddenly moved out of him and sent Gabriel flying into the wall of the palace.

“Ignorant girl!!” He roared taking his staff as he began to use it as a weapon, striking and bashing at her with it, causing her to only stun from his savage speed. “I’ve trained you, everyone!” He declared. “You cannot hope to stand a chance against me!” He took the spear out of her hand and slashed it across her body before throwing it away as he used a blast of xalnergy to blast her away, sending her flying to somewhere else.

“I thought we were brothers…” Cassiel said as he used the broad blade of Soulbreaker to deflect and block the upcoming attacks from Donatello’s dagger. “But that all went to hell with you when you threatened Auriel!!” His tone rose in fury as he summoned demonic light to his aid and blasted it at Donatello, while charging towards him, his wings flattered across the sky, even bigger than before as they had a mystical aura and feel to them.

Soulbreaker was beginning to chant in a very ancient language, the souls inside of it were hungry for Donatello’s soul. The blade would crackle and sparkle with red electricity going from the tip back to the end of the hilt, as his swings got heavier and more powerful.


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Donatello started attacking more viciously, channeling all the years of built-up frustration and aggression that he had bottled up and locked away deep within him. He was now finally releasing it, feeding his attacks against Cassiel with his rage. His blows became faster, more powerful, just like Cassiel’s.

“You fool! I taught you nearly every move you know with that blade, Cassiel! How do you think I _won’t_see your next move coming?!” He taunted his old former protege, as he shot a blast of Xalnergy at Cassiel’s chest.

Cassiel scoffed as he catched the blast of xalnergy into his palm and crushed it with his strength. “Whilst true…” Cassiel said as he was blocking the more vicious attacks Donatello was sending him. “Your arrogance will be your downfall.” He mentioned as he slashed his sword at Donatello’s hand.

It was true that Donatello and Cassiel used to train together, but now, now it was time to see if the student will beat his master. Cassiel would hold his saber with both of his hands as he slashed more aggressively at Donatello, aiming to seriously injure him as his aura and glow increased…Donatello felt that power, the raw power, Cassiel stored within himself.


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Ryen spun her staff, deflecting the attack, although the mere force of it pushed her back, leaving marks in the ground in front of her. She continued spinning her staff, twirling it as the end of it grew brighter and brighter.

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Donatello was impressed by the ferocity of Cassiel - he had taught him well; perhaps even too well, one might say. He was uncovered, however, and continued to keep attacking him.
Suddenly, Donatello had managed to knock Cassiel off _his guard. He prepared to swing Luxtrum down on him and end it, when the blade was suddenly blocked by another - Lightbringer.
“That is enough, Donatello!” Archangel Michael declared, pressing his blade against Donatello’s.
“You have caused far too much terror and strife on this day!”

The Wheel of Fate watched as Ryen spun her staff, anticipating what move shie might do next.

Nathaniel got up on his feet and charged his blade with primordial energy as his weapon clashed together with Lunael’s daggers, striking at each other without mercy. He couldn’t afford to hold back, not against a blood-lusting Lunael. But despite the odds going into Nathaniel’s favors as he gained the upper hand in their dual, Lunael had one thing that Nathaniel didn’t have, something that was utterly beyond his sheer indomitable will alone. Gravity. Gravity used against someone can be the greatest enemy of them all as Nathaniel suddenly couldn’t move.

“I…c-can’t…move!” He growled, struggling to talk and move.

Lunael chuckled malevolently at Nathaniel’s sudden realization. “It’s called gravity, Nathaniel,” Lunael confirms. “Something not even you cannot deny with your will.” He declared as he tapped his chest, and a sudden xalnergy explosion knocked him to the ground, falling unconscious.

“Your barbaric ways end now, Varmiel!” Terrael called out as the two of them had been fighting against one another for quite some time. Both striking death blows to each other, as Starbreaker and is ice blade clashed against one another.

“Michael…” Cassiel grunted. “This is not your fight.” He declared. “Donatello is mine.”


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“That may be so, but the angels are my people. And Donatello is threatening them!” Michael grunted, as he pushed Donatello’s sword back with his own.

“Don’t you dare challenge me, Michael! You have barely ever left that palace of yours! How could you defeat me-”
Michael did not let Donatello finish his sentence, as he released a war cry and lashed out at him, viciously swinging Lightbringer at Donatello and parrying his opponent’s blade.

“I won’t back down, either!” Cassiel calls out as he fires a blast of xalnergy at Donatello, before using his Soulbreaker and fired a blast of red electricity at him.

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She stopped spinning her staff and slammed it into the ground, the end of it flaring bright white, bright enough to temporarily blind anyone staring at it.

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