Angels and Demons: The Fall


The Wheeel of Fate cried out as the light shined, causing every one if his eyes to close, as well as the eyes on the wheel around he body. He reached in pain, temporarily left vulnerable to Ryen.

Ryen smirked for a split second, then sprinted towards the Wheel of Fate, her footsteps quick and light. She leaped into the air, spinning her staff and swinging it at the Wheel. If it connected, it’s impact would be greatly increased by magic.

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The Wheel around his body spun around sporadically, knocked out of orbit as The Wheel of Fate’s body spun around within it.

Dizzied and agitated, The Wheel of Fate blasted another bolt of lightning at Ryen.

Ryen, left open by her attack, was struck by the lightning. She was launched back, arcs and tendrils of electricity traveling up and down her body. She landed on the ground with a hard THWACK and lay still.

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Errapel, who had been fighting nearby, noticed Ryen was struck by the lightning and ran to her aid.
“Ryen, are you okay?! Can you speak?” she asked, assessing Ryen’s potential injuries.

Donatello spun his sword so that it was angled horizontally, and he blocked both Michael’s and Cassiel’s blades at the same time.
“You two are a great annoyance!” He spat, furiously swinging Luxtrum at the two with ever-growing rage.

“We have to work together to knock him down!” Michael called out to Cassiel as they fought off Donatello.


“Indeed.” Cassiel said as he blocked Donatello’s upcoming attack before backing away for a bit. “I wonder where the Grand Seraphim is and what he is doing.” He muttered to himself before pointing the Soulbreaker at him and blasting a powerful beam of xalnergy.

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Ryen had numeros burns running up and down her body. She shook as she clumsily stood up, leaning on her staff for support.
“I’m f-fine.” She said, her eyes beginning to blaze with anger.

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Donatello Fiercely sparred with the two, but found himself overwhelmed with them.
“I have no time for this. Demons, come with me! We have an empire to topple!” he said, as all the demons flew beside him.

The Wheel of Fate was about to once again attack, but stopped when he heard Donatello summon for him and the other demons.
“This is not over, wizard!” he said, as he flew away beside Donatello’s side.

“I’ll see around…” Donatello said, as he was about to leave. Hamael flew towards him at that moment, tossing Skullbreaker at him in an attempt to smash him. Donatello caught the hammer with single hand, holding one of its side. Hamael was shocked as she watched Donatello crush one side of Skullbreaker with a single one of his bare hands, before dropping it to the ground unceremoniously. With that, he and the other demons flew through a Xalnergy portal which abruptly closed.


Ryen grimaced as she clutched her side, the pain from the burns and electricity finally catching up. Her hands sparkled as her magic began to heal herself.

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“You should rest. Don’t push yourself too hard…” Errapel said soothingly, guiding Ryen towards a nearby rock where she could sit and heal herself.

“We lost him!” Michael shouted in frustration as Donatello escaped. He struck his sword into the ground in anger. He then turned to Cassiel.
“If you hadn’t made Donatello believe that he could control the power of Xalnergy, none of this would have happened!” He said, jabbing a finger in the air at Cassiel.

Ryen sat down on the rock and let the magic spread up her body.
“I’m fine.” She said, shooting a small smile at Errapel. “Really.”

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With that, Terrael, Imperael and Lunael retreat, following the lead of Donatello.

Cassiel was silent, his hood over his face revealing no emotion at all. No one ever wondered why they couldn’t see his face, not even the Grand Seraphim, was it something they lacked? Or was it something they weren’t allowed to…? He emotionlessly stared at him, he didn’t say anything, not bothered by Michael anymore as he was putting the blame on him. What would would do to him if he just blamed Cassiel? He wasn’t responsible for Donatello simply being too weak to handle the raw power of the Xalnergy, he simply was preordained to fail.

The Dark Archangel sheathed his blade into its holster that hangs around his belt, his wing slowly decreasing their size as he flew towards Auriel and landed on the ground. He took her hand and held it. “Are you alright, Auriel?” He asked her, ignoring everything around them and just paying attention to her. She could see his face however, his aura and feelings, so much emotion was hiding inside of him but why did he choose to hide it? That was something not even Auriel knew unfortunately.


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Michael blinked a few times, confused as to why Cassuel did not reply to him.
The stillness and silence in the air allowed Michael to reflect on what he said. He could feel the anger within himself, an emotion that made him feel uncomfortable. He drew in a deep breath, meditating on the flaming blue diamond within his heart and feeling his Blue Flame pulse through his body. Michael surrendered himself and his negativity to the Blue Flame, sighing as he turned on his heel and faced away from Cassiel.

“I’m…I am alright. Thank you.” She said, slowly standing up and brushing off her robes.
“Donatello…how could he have done this? I have trusted him for so many years. Never would I have thought he was capable of such cruelty…” she said softly, grieving for the deep betrayal she felt by Donatello.


Errapel looked on at the space in which The Kings and Donatello had just stood. She rested her hand on Ryen’s back.
“They will face justice, I assure you.” She said to the wizard in attempt to comfort her.
“For now, I think you should come back to the place’s infirmary so that your injuries can be properly assessed and healed.”

Hamael was still on the ground, sitting on her knees in front of her broken hammer in shock. Her eyes and mouth were gaped open, and she felt nothing but pure rage, grief and shock. So great was this rage, that she couldn’t even lash out. Her anger went beyond that. Hamael was physically overwhelmed by her white-hot rage, that she could do nothing but continue to kneel on the ground, turning out everything else around her.

Meanwhile, Donatello had teleported himself and all the other demons into a remote space that was hidden to the rest of The Multiverse.

“Alright, it is time for us to develop a plan. How shall we bring down The Council of Life?” Donatello asked the others, namely The Five Heavenly Kings and Daemonium.

While Nathaniel was with Uriel. Gabriel flew towards Michael. She noticed the hatred inside of him. “Oh Michael~” She said softly as she flew towards him and gave him a tight hug. “Do not blame yourself or anyone…” She would caress the back of his head. “If anyone is to blame, is Donatello…” Her tone was soothing and relaxing.

Cassiel smiled, as she reassured him she was alright. However, she mentioned how could have Donatello have done this. She trusted him for so many years, yet she felt betrayed by his capability of being so cruel. Cassiel wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled him into his embrace, hugging her, he needed that.

“I’m sorry…I just…” He stopped as he leaned into her and hugged her tightly, with his arms around her waist. “Maybe, I shouldn’t have told him about the Xalnergy…” He whispered to her as he would hug her.

Varmiel flew towards her as he sheathed his sword. He landed besides her and kneeled down while resting his hand on her shoulder. “Sister…” He called out, as he looked at her. “Are you alright?” He asked, even if the World didn’t care, Varmiel always was there for her.

“Well, what did you have in mind, Donatello?” Imperael asked as Lunael crossed his arms and Terrael watched.


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He sighed, comforted by Gabriel’s embrace.
“I feel like…I’ve failed. The Grand Seraphim had trusted me to protect the realm of life from danger, and I failed. I failed myself, and I failed everyone else…” he sighed.

“You are not to blame here, Cassiel. Donatello’s fall is not your fault. This is a horrible situation for everyone, all around.”

Hamael was going to open her mouth, but then shut it.
She then tried to speak again.
“I…he…my…” she choked out, unable to form a coherent sentence. Her shoulders began trembling, as she held back tears.

“Well, that is what I am asking all of you.” Donatello replied.

“Fire…” a voice suddenly said nearby. It was The Magician, who held a fireball which floated in the palm of his hand.
“Fire,” he continued, “-purifies all. And with these flames, we can burn The Realm of Life down to ashes.”

Gabriel pulled away but still held him, as she glanced at him. Her eyebrow arched as he squeezed his nose tightly. “Snap out of it, Michael.” She said softly. “We are not dead yet and this is far from over.” She declared.

“Right…” Cassiel pulled away from the hug as he glanced away. “Well, we should attend to the wounded and have a meeting in a few minutes.” He declared, as he was about to fly away.

“It’s just a hammer, Hamael.” Varmiel said, as he patted her back. “It can be fixed.” He mentioned.

“Whilst true.” Imperael said.

“What are we going to do about The Grand Seraphim?” Terrael asked.

“And Cassiel?” Lunael mentioned.

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Michael shook his head back and forth a bit, coming back to his senses. “You are right, I’m sorry. Now is not the time for self-pity.”
He turned to face the other Archangels.

Auriel nodded. “Yes, indeed. We should rendezvous back at the palace to reconvene.”

Hamael’s head quickly jerked to the side as she turned to face Varmiel.
“‘Just a Hammer’?! I would’ve loved to see how you reacted if Donatello had taken your precious Starbreaker and snapped the blade in half over his knee!” She spat venomously, heated.

The Magician chuckled.
“Indeed, they are our biggest threats as of yet.” He said, glancing at Donatello.

“Fear not, for I have a solution.” Donatello answered.
“-We play on their weaknesses. I have seen firsthand the angels’ dysfunctionality and disagreements. If we can ay on that, we’d be able ‘divide and conquer’, so to speak.”

“We should attend to the wounded and then go back to the palace.” She mentioned. “I feel like there will be a meeting soon.”

“Understood.” Cassiel said as he flew.

Suddenly, Cassiel landed in front of her. “What are you?” He asked her. “Hamael, Bearer of Hammers? Or are you, Breaker of Skulls?” He commented. “It is just a weapon, and the strength that it had, came from within you.” He pointed at her. “It will be repaired, now come, there will be a meeting.”

Imperael glanced at Donatello. “That doesn’t answer the question.” He said. “How are we going to defeat Cassiel and Grand Seraphim in combat?” He asked. “What is their weakness?”

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Ryen sighed. She stood up.
“Alright.” She looked at her arms, which were covered in a featherlike red pattern from the lightning strike. The pattern was also visible on her neck.

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Michael nodded, flying to the palace without a word.

Hamael clenched her fists, before slowly rising up to her feet.
sigh, very well.” She said, grabbing her and scooping up the broken shards of the shattered half, putting them into a pouch. She then flew to the palace.


Errapel slowly tilted her head, puzzled by the feather-shaped pattern on Ryen’s body. She had an idea of what it might have meant, but she chose not to tell her as she flew back to the palace.

“You don’t get it do you? We don’t defeat them in direct combat. We defeat them by undermining them and exploiting their flaws.”