Angels and Demons: The Fall

Ryen headed towards the infirmary.

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As Michael flew towards the Palace, he was followed by Gabriel, Nathaniel and Uriel. And seemed that Israfel would join as well, but where was Epsilon…?

Cassiel and Varmiel would follow her and once the all of the important Archangels where inside the Palace. Cassiel looked around and suddenly called upon him. “Grand Seraphim!” He calls out. “Where are you?” He asked.

“Right.” Terrael nodded his head.

“Then we should do just that, divide and conquer.” Lunael would say.

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At that moment, The Grand Seraphim appeared aboce them, glowing brightly with his golden aura and presence.

#“Yes, I am here. And I am aware of what has happened…”
He responded.

“Where were you when Donatello became corrupt!?” His voice boomed throughout the room as he demanded the Grand Seraphim to answer. “Where were you when the Kings were corrupted? And why haven’t you even lift a muscle in putting a stop to them, old man!” He spat.

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#“It was I who brought Donatello into this palace when he arrived. However, from there I was unable to prevent the chaos that followed. I was overwhelmed, and caught off guard.”

“Caught off guard?” Cassiel asked, his ride side of his face twitching. “I didn’t believe someone like you can be caught off guard!” He declared as suddenly, out of the window came Epsilon, the Warmind and landed down. His whole body anew, as he must have fixed.

“I was there.” Epsilon declared as he looked at Cassiel. He brought his hand towards the ground and from it, a holographic projection came out. Displaying the scene that took place in the Kings’ room. “Donatello was taken into question by the Kings. However, they failed in getting any answers and eventually. He corrupted them.”

There was a gasp of shook inside the room.

Cassiel glanced at Seraphim. “So why didn’t you kill Donatello when you had the chance?” He asked him. “You knew he was beyond saving. And now he took our Heavenly Kings and made them into Demons.” He said. “I don’t wish to point fingers. However, you have been acting very suspicious this couple of days. No, couple of weeks.” Cassiel suspected something of the Seraphim but he couldn’t put it what it quite was.

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#"You know full well that is not my way. The only reason we have been waging war with The Xir’algath is because they struck first, and they have no chance of changing. I wanted to give Donatello an opportunity to repent. But it seems, I was a fool to do so. "

“But that doesn’t explain the fact as to why you didn’t join the fight.” Cassiel said as he crossed his arms. “What? Are these fights beneath you?” He asked.

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#“No, but I overseee much more than thos single realm. I have to maintain the entire Multiverse all at once.”

Errapel guided Tyen to lied down in one of the beds and rest.
“How bad is your pain?” She asked, as she began gathering medical supplies and herbs.

“Right.” Cassiel said squinting his eyes. “That’s what you said last time we needed you. And another time. And another.” He scoffed, as he crossed his arms. “Now we have a bigger problem. That is Donatello and the Heavenly Kings.” He sighed as he glanced down, shaking his head.

Epsilon hovered towards the Grand Seraphim. “Before Donatello attacked. The Kings wanted to let you know on something.” He projected another holographic display. “They were discussing whether they should make Cassiel Commanding Chief or not.” He said. “They’ve come to the conclusion that their decision is to make him Leader.”

“What Leader?” Nathaniel asked as he glanced at Cassiel.

Varmiel chuckled as he tapped his knee. “Ha, that is a good one!”

Epsilon glanced at the two, glaring them as he shook his head. “It is not an attempt for amusement, Nathaniel and Varmiel.” He said.

“Grand Seraphim, what do you think?” Gabriel asked him.

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Ryen sat down on the bed.
“It’s not too bad.” She said.
“My magic helped dull the initial pain.”

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The Grand Seraphim was silent, reflecting for a moment as he hesitated to reply. Then, he finally spoke.

#“These recent events have led me to question the wisdom of The Five Heavenly Kings. However, Cassiel is still one of the most capable fighters in the angels’ army. Therefore, I grant him the role of commander-in-chief. Though I hope this is not a decision I will later regret…”

Errapel nodded, as an Archangel warrior appeared nearby beside Errapel.
“Errapel?! Oh, thank goodness you’re safe! With all the chaos that had ensued, I was worried about you.”

Errapel shook here head. “Do not worry Raphael, I am safe. If anything, my biggest challenge now is all of these new patients that I must tend to.”

“I can help.” Ryen said. She reached for her staff, wincing slightly.

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Cassiel nodded his head as he took a stance. “I’m not Donatello.” He declared before he glanced at the rest. “As for everyone. Take the day off.” He said. “I will have Epsilon on guard duty. He will be monitoring the entire Realm of Life. Should anyone question my decision. Know that Epsilon is more than capable to multitask.” He mentioned. “Until then, await for my orders.” He ordered to them as he took his leave and made his way towards his head quarters.

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Hamael silently looked on at Cassiel as he left, then back to her fellow Archangels.

“This decision doesn’t quite sit well with me…however, if it is the will of The Grand Seraphim, I will not question it.” Michael said solemnly once Cassiel was gone.

Auriel decided to follow Cassiel into his headquarters, to check on him.
“I came to see how you were feeling. About Donatello earlier…where is your mind at currently? What do you make of all this?”


“We should heal you first.” Errapel said, as she lay her hands upon Ryen’s shoulders. Warm, golden light flowed from Errapel’s hands and into Ryen’s body, healing her wounds and reinvigorating her.


Ryen stood up.
“Thank you.”
She picked up her staff.
“Alright, let’s get to work.”

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“Come, Hamael,” Varmiel said to her. “Let’s fix your weapon at the Forge.” He mentioned.

“Michael, let’s go for a walk. Shall we?” Gabriel asked him as she took his hand and walked out of the Palace.

Cassiel was standing still as he glanced at the fireplace inside his headquarters. Auriel would see him with his hoodie pulled down something which he rarely does. She could see his brown locks with grey sideburns on his head. As he hears Auriel’s voice he turns his head sideways, as she would see his strong defined jaw with a mature face. He had natural purple hues. “Auriel.” He said as he turned his body stance towards her. “I didn’t know you’d come here.” He mentioned before he looked away. He then ran a hand through his hair. “And as about Donatello.,” Cassiel said, as he smiled with sadness in his expression. “I’ve failed him.” He mentioned as he looked at her. “It is my fault he thought he could use this forbidden power.” He glanced at his hand.

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Hamael was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Varmiel speak to her.
“Oh, yes. Of course brother…” she began to head to the forge with him.

He smiled at Gabriel. “Sure, I could really use some fresh air. I have much on my mind…” he began to walk around the outside of the palace, holding her hand.

“I would not say it is entirely your fault; after all, it was ultimately Donatello’s decision to blindly dive into the Chao Umbra. But you did plant the idea in his head in the first place…”
After the fact, Auriel realized that her words provided little comfort to Cassiel.
“I…I’m sorry Cassiel. I did not mean to word that so harshly…” her head titled down in embarrassment.


“Indeed, there are many wounded to attend to. How shall we cover so many patients in such little time?” Errapel asked Ryen.

“I’ve got a spell…” Ryen said, smiling.
She walked to the middle of the tent and placed her staff there, letting go of it while beginning to mutter some words.
The staff stood up straight, not affected by physics or gravity. As Ryen continued to mutter the spell, the end of the staff began to glow with a pleasant green light, and roots of green light shot out from the staff into the floor, which snaked their way to each patient.
Within seconds, every patient in the room has a green root near them, and were being healed.

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Varmiel noticed how Hamel was uncharacteristically non-verbal. He knew the fact that Hamael was a person of few words. However, even for her to be this much silent. It certainly didn’t sit well with Varmiel. He thought it may have been because Donatello destroyed her weapon. Nevertheless, it is how Cassiel put it. It’s just a weapon and the strength and might it had, was because of Hamel. That’s what would the Breaker of Stars think as they were approaching the Forge. This was a place where the Angels rarely visited, only when their weapons would break. Even so, that was extremely rare, because in a what of a chance in a lifetime, do you encounter someone that can destroy the purest form of Angelic Steel?

“Listen, Hamel.” He placed his hand on her shoulder as he glanced at her. His blue hues stared into her eyes. “We will get Donatello because of that.” He declared. “Destroying my Sister’s weapon will be the last mistake he will ever make.” He said. “And if you ask why, well.” He chuckled. “It is because we’re going to kill him!” He pumped his right hand into a fist.

Essentially, once Hamael and Varmiel appeared before the place they call it the Forge. Angelic Artisans would appear before them as one of them spoke. “To what do we owe the visit to one of the greatest Warriors our Realm has to offer?” He humbly asked.

Varmiel crossed his arms as he tilted his head slightly. “I’m sure you have been updated on the matter, Donatello betrayed us. And so, as Hamael faced off against him. He, unfortunately, broke her weapon.” He mentioned, before sighing softly. “We came here because we believe you can fix it.” He said.

The Artisan nodded his head. “We can.” He said as he approached Hamael. “May I have a look at it?” He asked as he brought his hands to hold the hammer. “Also, what is your request, Hamael, Breaker of Skulls?” He asked her. “You want it how it once was or you want to have some new redesigns?” He suggested.

Gabriel would blush slightly as she realized she was holding hands with Michael. She admitted to herself that she did have a crush on him. However, she never knew how to put into words, besides, what if he didn’t feel the same way? It would make for a very embarrassing conversation if she told him, how she felt about him. Either way, she regained her composure and she turned her head towards him. Her face expressing into a mischievous smirk. “Of course, when I said, we will go for a walk. I meant flying.” She said.

Once Gabriel and Michael were outside the palace, she spread her beautiful wings. “Try to keep up, will ya?” She asked teasingly, as she needed to only flap her wings once and she was already up in the sky, just as fast as lightning. “Remember, when we were kids and we used to play tag in the sky, as the clouds hugged our bodies.” She said as she remembered those peaceful days before she flew through a cloud. Gabriel could feel the warmness of the clouds as she was hovering above the clouds, as the beautiful sunlight would illuminate off of her while she flew in a graceful way with an inexplicable elegance.

“You always failed to catch me.” She giggled to herself. “I also remember the days were me and Uriel used to race. We always argued who was the fastest Angel.” She said, as her voice bare a smile.

Auriel never really knew how to express herself, granted she seemed a bit emotionless just like Sabrael sometimes. The only emotion that radiated from this woman was hope. Her words were true, nevertheless, no amount of sugar counting could hide that she was right. Cassiel didn’t seem to be hurt or frustrated about it. It may have been because of her since he couldn’t really stand Michael’s overall complaining behavior. Ever since they were kids, he remembered they always were trying to outsmart each other. So very competitive and childish they once were. Still, even to this day, it seemed that the two were just like in the old days, no better than they were. Would these two ever grow up even?

The Breaker of Souls would chuckle with a peal of wholehearted laughter. He casually walked towards her as she tilted her head down in embarrassment. “There is no need to worry, dear Auriel.” He spoke with a soft tone, it wasn’t much to her surprise, since she knew that side of him already. “You are right, however, I won’t indulge in self-pity. I accept the consequences of my actions. As a result of those consequences, I will bear the punishment that comes with them.” He mentioned as Auriel would feel his right forearm slip around her waist, welcoming her into his embrace.

“Perhaps, I should have taught him the way. On the other hand, even if I did help, Donatello to master Xalnergy. I knew he was not ready.” Cassiel said. “He was too impatient and hungered for too much power than he could bear.” He declared. “I haven’t told anyone. Perhaps, the Grand Seraphim knows of Donatello’s overall flaws as a person. And so, because of those flaws and a hunger for power, he was not worthy nor ready for it. Xalnergy consumes your dark thoughts and amplifies them tenfold.”

“You see, to be in perfect sync with it. It is like a dance, but it’s not like just any dance, Auriel.” He brought his left hand towards her face, his fingers gently gripping her chin as he stared into her hoodie, to get a better look at her face if she’d allow him. “Essentially, your partner is your dark self. You must be Yin and Yan at the same time, the balance in between.” He said, his tone getting softer and softer as he spoke to her. “I believe that one day if you allow me. I can teach you how to perfectly master it. Even better than I can.” He declared, his tone taking a serious approach before he smiled slightly. “Alas, I have a question, Auriel. Before the fight. What did you want to tell me?” He asked her.


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