Annaróhun of the Light

Quite obviously, this one has a very femenine aethstetic. Annaróhun was meant to be a curvy figure, but she actually came out quite a but more noble-looking than I originally intended. I was going to use the silver rahkshi head from the Roodaka set (lol I know, fitting, right?) but seeing as I don’t have that set, I attempted to use a black one instead. This resulted in a look that I didn’t think was consistent with the character that I wanted to portray, so I made a custom one instead, which I think turned out better than I wanted, even.

I have some complaints about her myself, though. Her lower legs turned out a bit more basic than I wanted, and I really couldn’t find a way to get the hands to be mata hands rather than glatorian neck peices, so they tirned out a bit odd looking. Overall, though, I think the structure of this MOC is great, and (you’ll have to trust me on this one) the build is pretty sturdy as well.


nice shaping, though I feel the head is a bit weird and doesn’t flow with the rest of the moc, but isn’t that bad. great stuff.


This could use a little work here and there but otherwise it feels like it stepped out of warframe.


Interesting work but for a really “light” feel you may want to add some gold and/or white, rather than making it straight silver.

Thanks for the suggestion, i may actually do that.

This is a mix bag for me; the upper limb looks strange in some poses, the lower back leg is bare, and the hands defiantly need to be changed in the near future.

The front pelvis armor look solid and wings are simple yet effective-