Annona vs Freddy Krueger

From what I’ve read, Anonna only exists in the real world. Freddy can exist in both real and dream worlds. Freddy can control and manipulate dreams, but Anonna can eat them. Annona has powerful psychic powers but Freddy is a completely insane psycho ghost who can turn himself into a snake and stretch his tongue and transform beds into trans-dimensional portals and turn you into a rubber mannequin and pull you through a 12x16 door window and can make his arms look like Slinky toys.

(btw, if I got anything wrong on Annona, please correct me, cos I know next to nothing about her)

I am unfamiliar with both of these beings. I do however know this doesn’t belong in the BIONICLE category. Lemme just fix that…

Well Biosector01 is on the way. As for Freddy, I can’t really other than he hates fire and The Night of Elm Street Movies are pretty scary.

Anonna is a bionicle character on Spherus Magna, so yeah

I was unaware of this. I’ll put it back…

Not sure of what discussion this is supposed to spark. Is it a fan fiction battle?

– Waj