Another batch of drawings

Welcome back to Stoax's art corner! Today I have several drawings for you guys today, some are BIONICLE related, some aren't. Without further ado, lets get started!

Remember that drawing of Rauera I did a while ago? This one uses a similar, Miramax esq style of design. I tried to take implements from the official MOC, but tweaked them to fit my own personal view of Stoax. The overall torso of the MOC itself was meant to represent that of a juggernaut suit which paid off well here, in my opinion.

This next one is a WIP of Callan Lord of Fire (or as I like to call him, Collin Loaf of Bread). The reason this exists is that 1. I was bored, and 2. Callan is the laughing stock of Biotube, so why not? I gave him a Quagmire chin because Collin has a lot of sweg. In fact when drawing this, Collins swiggity chin had so much sweg that I experienced a sweg seizure.

About a decade ago, there was a TV miniseries called The Future Is Wild. The show told of how life could evolve in the future if humans were to abandon the Earth. The show had a very interesting concept and gave me the inspiration to create my own animals. This one, called the Swamp Flyer, is an amphibian from the Bengal Swamp (a fictional location in the series that was once the Bay of Bengal) and lives 100 million years in the future. It evolved from Southeast Asian frogs, who have been able to almost entirely leave the waters due to the lack of predators in the area. The membranes around its front feet have enlarged like bat wings, and its back feet help to improve its flying over the swamp.

This next one is drawing of Raiden, which I probably will never finish, as he appears in Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. Personally, I like the way it turned out.

This last one is of a reptilian (perhaps dragon) eye. I love how it looks and the "fire" helps give it a more intimidating presence.


Good drawings. I like all of them except the first one. It's still good, but it's pretty static


These are really good! The first one is a bit iffy though.



I like the first one but something about it looks awkward

Out of curiosity, what don't you like about the first one? Not trying to bash on your guys opinions or anything, just looking for more elaborate criticism.

That second one is hilarious.

I think it's the legs. They look so stiff and rigid


The leg closest to the left of the screen seems like it should be splayed out more, and the foot tilted to be less profile and more facing forward, slightly.

Everything above the waist is fine, but the one leg is just oddly angled compared to the other, IMO.

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I watched what I thought was all the "The Future is Wild" episodes on youtube, but I never heard of that one. It's a pretty cool show :slight_smile:


aww yeah man