Another CCBS/Bionicle Firearm + WIP

Hello, since my last post I have made another CCBS weapon. This time, it sort of has a story.

CCBS2 EMP Cannon: This powerful weapon was built by The Gunsmith (future self moc) for matoran rebels to combat the vahki. It releases a powerful EMP blast that can temporarily disable any kind of electronics.

Now to the WIP!

It is the first weapon that is able to be held as well as the first weapon that can fire a projectile (I just need some parts from bricklink to complete it).

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.


It’s beautiful. I just think the little trans-blue stud in the middle has too low of a diameter. I get the feeling it would look more like a weapon if the output covered the whole area between the two shell pieces.

Hope that was not too cryptic.

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I like the design, can’t wait too see this your MOC.

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Thank you.

Looks good so far.