Another Iceberg

I’ve seen a few Bionicle Icebergs go around, but all the ones I’ve seen have felt… lackluster. So I thought I’d give it a shot. I would appreciate any points I should add to the lower levels.

Last Edit: 2/13/21


I hate that I understood Tumblr Sexyman Nidhiki (and reblogged it). Also breathing air makes The Shadowed One a what?

Yeah, that ones a deep cut into the Greg archives
Yep Mammal


a good bionicle iceberg
so maybe i would need to research some o’ this stuff

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It gets worse:

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What does Greg think reptiles and birds are breathing?

actually some of the text is too smol to read
pls make the red words bigger

Which ones are you having trouble reading? I can read it just fine so show me a picture and I’ll tell you

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last two tiers
maybe it’s just me

Yeah, you definitely have to zoom in a lot for the bottom ones. Partially it’s a space issue, so I can’t make them much bigger/clearer easily.
I tried to increase the clarity for some of the smallest ones here:

And tried to get a better contrast by messing with settings/ deep frying it here:

Does that help?


well it makes that lil’ solek image
look like he has an aura of light
depends who you ask if that helps

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“I understand things in the coldest depths, I must be smart/crazed… wait, is that a Zyglak?” -Me

I love this, glad that I can recognize most (Probably about 5 I don’t get.) Although personally reviving Bionicle shouldn’t be in the black depths, most people who have come back to Bionicle know about it and it was key in Goodguy’s rise to infamy.

I’m happy to see Babboyey and friends where they belong :relieved: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I love the Ver.Bu reference etc. those references to awesome fan works deserve spots in the Bionicle Iceberg. Also the subcontracting joke was good.

I’m sure if I thought hard I could think of more to go in there. Might edit my comment when I can think of ones such as prototype Makuta found, unified solar system logo…
Fun stuff.


oh that’s what that says!
well i do enjoy @bukkey’s work very much.

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Maybe I should incorporate some of these (with credit) into mine (whenever that gets finished. It’s already over 2 hrs :upside_down_face:)

That’s a beeg iceberg


I didin’t notied that my works had be written to this! :no_mouth::heart_eyes: :rofl:
Thank you friends and @Macantonio !
(I’m taking a break now, but I’d like to do ver.Bu again later! :revolving_hearts:)


Full disclosure, that one and a few other jokes have circled around Bionicle tumblr for a while

Probably… I found out about it more recently, so it seemed more obscure to me. I think it’s ok to put it deeper with much of the Fan-content, but it probably should have been a bit higher.

I thought of a few more details to add into the iceberg, so I’ve updated the image.

The mocs are great, so they definitely deserve a mention.

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Man, I thought the 2004 Orwellian dystopia theme was already a bit deep for kids; then I looked into the Ta-Matoran burden of guilt theory and… well, Vakama’s character arc makes a lot more sense now.

Also, Lewa was mind-controlled twice in the Mata Nui arc and then possessed by Tren Krom. What was the 4th time?

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I thought it was 3 until recently, but the Toa Nuva all get captured, antidermis sphered, and enslaved by the piraka during on Voya Nui, (unless I’ve misremembered) bringing the count up to 4 for Lewa.

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